Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Without a/c.

The Women's Cooperative decorating team have brought a floor sander with them. Sophie doesn't like the floor sander or to be more precise she doesn't like the high pitched grating noise it makes. She positions herself behind a chair in the downstairs hallway and waits for it to go away.

A working relationship, of sorts, has been established with the new i-Phone. It will download quite happily onto the little Microsoft tablet. I can then transfer the photos from there to the DELL. For some reason the photos can't be viewed in full size so choosing which ones to post and which to junk is something of a hit and miss affair. 

In a shop a young lady tries to interest Angus in a humidor in the shape of the US Capitol. Angus doesn't smoke so he is uninterested. Someone, somewhere, will buy it, get it home and wonder why they spent so much money on it.

Woodrow Wilson's house in a leafy part of DC. It opens at ten and we're there at 9:59. The bemused staff give us a private tour of the '' don't get many folk here before eleven" variety.

His bedroom, rather smaller than I'd thought it would be. How could anyone survive a Washington summer in a house with heavy furnishings and no a/c ?

Mrs.Wilson had a kind face.

Bob continues to monitor the Women's Cooperative decorating team.

The book everyone is talking about. An excuse to start eating butter and chocolate ?  ( Not that Angus ever stopped ). There is a butter shortage in France. The shelves in the supermarket completely bare of both salted and unsalted.  : https://www.amazon.com/Bad-Food-Bible-How-Sinfully/dp/0544952561/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1508683988&sr=1-1&keywords=bad+food+bible/marginalrevol-20


  1. Hari OM
    Never mind the air-con... am loving that bed tray!!! A sander would surely be 87 times worse than the dreaded 'vacuula', so I don't blame Sophie for hiding. (...and as a nutritionist, have always said a little of what you fancy does you good - the key to that is quantity!) YAM xx

  2. I had grown up hearing about Wilson as a great diplomat, idealist and statesman, the father of the U.N. It is only recently that I've learned he supported segregation. It's hard to put idealist and segregationist together.
    When we had sanding done, it was while we were on vacation and not in the house. But we didn't have it done by the Women's Cooperative, who seem to need more supervision than your ordinary French artisans.

  3. Love the photo of Sophie hiding behind the door!

  4. Poor Sophie. Is there really a butter shortage in France? I buy Presidents butter here in the States..it comes from France and it tastes better than any others I’ve tried.

  5. Poor Bob and Sophie - just back from k-e-n-n-e-l-s, and now this ! Whatever next?

  6. When we did our kitchen and upstairs bathroom renovation a year or so ago, I found there were some sounds that Just Harry could deal with; others that were extremely offensive, and probably painful to his ears. The air drill was one of the intolerables. I imagine the vibrations from the sander plus the noise would be more than doggie ears could tolerate. Loving but sad photo of the diva removing herself from the source of discomfort!

  7. My heart goes out to Sophie "hiding" from the noise.
    I enjoyed the glimpses of the Wilson home.

    1. I know, I found the picture of Sophie so cute and so sad.

  8. But there IS an A/C, I see it in the window... :) This book on the same subject was quite good: https://www.amazon.com/Big-Fat-Surprise-Butter-Healthy/dp/1451624433/ref=sr_1_6?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1508883723&sr=1-6&keywords=big+fat+lies