Sunday, October 29, 2017

Rustic ?

The clocks change. Nobody thinks to tell Bob. Instead of getting a cold wet nose in his ear at six Angus gets a cold wet nose in his ear at five.

After it gets light we head off into town for a baguette and croissants. It's All Saints Day so all the shops are selling chrysanthemums. They spill out of the arcades and onto the road.

The PONs and their master go into the bar on the square. The old farmers , who make up the clientele, treat the arrival of two shaggy mutts as if it's the most normal thing in the world. It doesn't take long before a senior gentleman in a beret wanders over and asks " What sort of dogs are those ? ". Others pluck up courage and come over to find out what the answer is. You can never be alone when you travel with dogs. Bob and Sophie get biscuits which may qualify today as the best day ever.

Back at home the PONs embark on a bout of howling at the wind. The PON howl is quite something. Where Bob leads Sophie follows.

Years ago we bought a Christmas creche and a collection of 18th century wooden saints from a shop in what was then the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. The creche has been used every year but the saints have stayed in their box. 'The Font' finds five nails in the wall of the recently decorated back bedroom. The saints are brought out of storage and displayed. Angus thinks the stern Slovak saints are spooky. 'The Font' thinks they look rustic. They may not stay.

Sophie is in a very happy place ...

.... as is the Old Farmer who spends the day on his lawn tractor cutting and re-cutting his grass.

This is a good summary of dog ownership . ' For 21 years I've been doing this and I'd do it for 100 more ' , You'll need to turn on the sound :


  1. So pleased to hear the Old Farmer is still finding ways to enjoy life.
    Happy Sophie trumps spooky saints.

  2. The picture of Sophie made me chuckle - Tell her she has beautiful feet!

    This post reminds me of the mornings you'd see the beer and absinthe crowd at the cafe under the arcades - Whatever happened with them?

    Marin-Viorel and Nord are a good summary of dog ownership!

  3. Spooky is a good word to describe those saints ! The cold wet nose at 5 a.m. made me chuckle - been there and had that in the past.
    Good to know Sophie is happy.

  4. What a beautiful man and a beautiful dog.

  5. Love the pictures..maybe someday a video of the PONS howling? If the saints are on the guest room wall..maybe guests won’t stay long!

  6. Hari OM
    Oh the saints might be okay in the right place. Not sure above the guest bed is that place... Hi Bob, Hi Sophie... YAM xx

  7. I rather like the spooky saints. But not above the bed. They would make slumber a sometime thing.
    Yay for the Old Farmer.

  8. The saints are both spooky and rustic. Those feet of Sophie are just wonderful. Her vibe this morning is indeed a delight. Glad to hear the old farmer is up and about. And it is so true...... you are never alone if you have a dog. Just not because people will stop and talk to a dog and then acknowledge the dogs human but they are the best company and communicate to the sick and elderly on another level that makes such a difference to people........especially your two characters.

  9. Angus, Just curious when you said that today (Sunday the 28th of October) was All Saints Day. Since I was born on November 1st, I've always known that day as All Saints Day, with November 2nd then being the Day of the Dead. It's part of the French calendar of Catholic holidays. The saddest birthdays I ever spent were those in Paris when everything was closed and it was often a rainy grey day!!

    1. You're right. I should have said it was the Sunday closes to All Saints day. The time when the village car park gets crowded with visiting family members tidying up graves and carrying their chrysanthemums. It's a big thing in France to go to the family grave. Have a wonderful birthday on All Saints Day !

  10. What a lovely post. From the mums on perfect display to Sophie's picture.