Saturday, October 21, 2017


Loic has made a remarkable recovery. He unexpectedly shows up at the gate in the late afternoon to start work in the garden. The first time we've seen him in nearly two months. He's having four insulin injections a day ( he does explain why but his impenetrable accent prevents me from getting the full gist of what he's saying ). He's due to go back into hospital next week for more tests. 

I fill the power blower with fuel and he heads off into the garden followed by two energetic PONs. Loic seems oblivious to the fact that his carefully constructed leaf piles are being rolled in by the canine followers. After an hour he's looking tired. I tell him to go into the kitchen and eat two mandarin oranges and then go home and rest, which he does. He'll be back next week.

Another of lifes little victories although his mother remains in hospital.

The blog produced on the Microsoft tablet this morning. The Apple phone and the Dell desk top still not talking to each other despite eight hours of downloads.

We thought we'd avoided jet lag this time round. At seven this morning a shrill bark wakes us from a deep deep sleep. Sophie is informing the world that we're running an hour behind schedule and there will be 'consequences'. An unmistakable sound. Angus is up, dressed and out in the garden with her in 36 seconds.

If you want to understand the world this chart says it all:


  1. That chart explains a lot but leaves my biggest question unanswered!

  2. Such good news about Loic. Sometimes the 'small stuff' seems most important.

  3. Good to hear about Loic. One of natures wonderful souls. Hopefully he has adjusted to his mother being in hospital. Getting back to his routine of basically being a plaything for the PONS can only be a good thing. One does wonder what Mlle Sophie's " consequences" might be.

  4. Hari OM
    So glad Loic is out and about; and being cared for still... Sophie will ensure quick return to 'clock'. YAM xx

  5. One has to wonder whether Loic's condition has been properly monitored over the years. At least now he's receiving the care he needs. He must have been eagerly awaiting word of your return to have shown up so soon after you got back.
    Surely there must be an Apple store in Toulouse were you can go and vent your frustration and get some help.

    1. Amazing to discover the nearest Apple store is Bordeaux .

  6. I’m glad Loic is well. Having a job to look forward to is a gift for him.

  7. Nothing puts a dog owner fully awake and on their feet faster than certain sounds.
    I hope that Loic continues to gain strength.

  8. Wonderful photos of Bob and Sophie this morning!