Monday, October 30, 2017

Winter arrives.

A few days ago it was scorchingly hot.

Today it's cold and chilly ..... and windy. We walk quickly by the donkeys and the horses and the goat. The PONs would linger but this morning their owner is the one in a hurry. He wishes he'd put on an extra layer..... and a hat.

It seems a mere 50 passengers a day are flying each way between the little airport and Paris. This surprises me. Not the fact that so few are flying to Paris - but so many. The locals sooner go to Mars than they would to Paris. In the nine years we've been here none of our neighbours has ever been to Paris with the exception of The Old Farmer who has a 'lady' friend with an apartment in the centre near the Bourse. He's given up going there. It's too difficult to find parking for the venerable motor home.

Peruvian asparagus in the greengrocers this morning.

We opt for a Millefeuille and a tarte citron for lunch. The PONs get some slivers of choux pastry. Bobs tail does its thing.

By the time we make it home the day has brightened up.  Bob and Sophie are in the mood for some serious high velocity garden exploring. Disemboweled lamb is found under a rose bush.

How to live your life is the greatest question we all face. There is something 'right'  about this sons tribute and its story of old fashioned resilience that makes me smile:


WFT Nobby said...

Good cake choices today. Winter here too in Aberdeen. Old fashioned resilience is a quality I see and admire in my mother all the time these days.
Cheers, Gail.

Taste of France said...

The sunshine is welcome and warm, but the wind! Like an icy slap in the face.
My neighbor taught me how to eat a millefeuille: turn it on its side, and it's easy to cut into without pushing out the filling.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Winter biting hard up here too. ...and now I have a hankering for asparagus. Tsk! wonderful article... YAM xx

Coppa's girl said...

Mmm.. think I'll go for the tarte au citron too.
Still warm and sunny here - 28ยบ in the porch this afternoon, and no coat needed on the late afternoon dog walk. Sad that the nights are fast drawing in.
Disembowelled lamb has had a good innings !

Unknown said...

Who can tell these days; scorching weather may be just around the corner. We’ve finally settled down to grey skies and a little chill on the coast of Northern California. I always enjoy your views of pastures and hills. They seem as familiar and dear as if I have stood there myself. One can almost feel the wind ruffling Bob’s fur.