Wednesday, January 3, 2018

How, what and when.

110 km/h winds overnight. Thankfully, the power stayed on and this morning the internet is working.

Bob and Sophie are taken to the station. We watch the high speed train from Bordeaux roll in. Sophie ignores it. She holds her head high smelling something enticing wafting from the Chinese restaurant across the road. Bob watches six passengers disembark. The brave duo are rewarded with a visit to the station buffet. Two gendarmes having a 10 am glass of beer at the bar stop chatting and greet the PONs. The more shaven headed of the two tells Sophie she's a beauty. Sophie, unsure what to make of this, hurries by and settles with her brother under a table. I follow. Several clients, enjoying their early morning 'pick me up' , make whistling noises at them. The PONs feign sleep until the attractive young waitress brings them some baguette crusts and a bowl of water. 

The baker has installed an automatic bread dispensing machine. Angus has the suspicion that the bread isn't baked in the machine but is replenished by the lady behind the counter. How this works he will have to ask. The technicalities of pursuing this esoteric technical subject , in French, may require some prior thought.

Inside the display of cakes hints at the pre-Christmas stock being recycled.

The local teenagers held a party in the Salle des Fetes for New Year. This is still going on 48 hours later. A group of sixteen year old boys and girls milling around the car park. The boys play rugby, the girls chat.  'The Font' is amazed how quiet they've been. They 'sleep' on the floor and seem to spend the  rest of their day playing ping pong and looking under the bonnets of a variety of ageing, small , but clearly much loved cars. How, what and when they eat is a mystery.

Bob and Sophie monitor the teenagers carefully.

So starts another exciting day in deepest, deepest France profonde.

This cheerful little number is always playing on French radio :


  1. Bertie already knows that railway stations are great places for the attention seeking dog. (Actual trains even more so!)

  2. These baguette vending machines are springing up all over. You are quite right. They are stocked by the baker. The bread is not baked within the machine.

  3. Weren't there some complaints about those bread vending machines, because the bread wasn't always fresh? You put your money in, but the loaf delivered might have been in there quite a while.
    Oh to have the energy of youth !

  4. Hari OM
    The minutiae of life can be fascinating... YAM xx

  5. How do you ask for "bien cuit" from a machine?
    The multi-day/night raves here are easy to detect from the next village, thanks to the decibel level. Count your blessings.

  6. Love your early morning picture of the rain washed lane - an impressionistic masterpiece!!

  7. Whistling noises from coffee drinking clients directed at Bob and Sophie? Bad manners indeed. The PONS were chaperoning the teens party from afar!

  8. Beware a cake-dispensing vending machine...