Friday, January 5, 2018

Squirms and howls.

Q : Where did the morning go ?

A : Washing Sophie's feet ; cutting off Bobs overly long ear hair  (that's been dragging on the ground and collecting twigs) and thinning out the bushy fur on both their cheeks. Finally, forty minutes are spent on plucking the itchy hair that grows inside their ears.

Sophie is a perfect patient. She is convinced that all this attention is her rightful due as a diva. She lies on her back, waves her paws in the air and squeals with delight.

Bob has a more prosaic approach to grooming. He hides. Then when found he squirms and howls.

The rave has finished and the teenagers have gone. The PONs are delighted with the myriad of smells that have collected outside the Salle des Fetes. Our afternoon walk to the end of the village is replaced by a thirty minutes of intense sniffing .

A cheery couple from Brittany have parked their motor home outside the church. They have a son who follows along behind them in a white van. The white van contains food, a fold out table and a set of chairs. They open up the back of the van and enjoy a late lunch. They intend to stop here for three nights. Eating in the back of a white FIAT van is borderline unusual.

These pictures are hauntingly beautiful :


  1. Bertie is more Bob than Sophie when it comes to grooming, but without the howling.

  2. Oh Bob, we thought you were such a cool customer ! Sophie, of course, appreciates that these grooming sessions are absolutely necessary to maintain her svelte public image.
    Fantastic photos of birds in flight.

  3. Don't the campers need access to electricity and water (and water evacuation)?

  4. Hari OM
    I am guessing the camper is one of the 'integrated plumbing' type. Looking a bit smarter, dogs. Those images are gorgeous!!! YAM xx

  5. I've often thought that one of the tricky bits about grooming the PONS would be to keep that sprout of fur which grows at the top of the nose just the right length. Can't think of another breed which has a pattern like that.
    Fascinating photos of the birds.

    1. Purists say the fur from the top and the fur from the bottom should be allowed to grow. We've found that two thick layers of hair covering the eyes makes them look cute but effectively renders them blind. A PON that can see is a PON that's welcoming to strangers and definitely more relaxed. If the dog is relaxed so are the owners.

  6. Bob in that first photo has a definite "master of all he surveys" look about him.

  7. Thank goodness the groomer does the ear plucking and face trimming! Who knows what I'd look like if it was left to my momma! 😳
    Sophie the doodle dog