Friday, January 12, 2018

Life is so exciting.

It's bitterly cold. At the end of the ridge where the trees peter out the wind hits us full in the face. Bob and Sophie find this invigorating. They roll on their backs, chase invisible things in the drainage ditch and gaze at the eagles hovering over the apple orchards in the valley. They would happily spend all morning in these frigid conditions, tails high, noses twitching, eyes wide. Their master 'encourages ' them home. Bob has one last theatrical 'pounce' on something only he can see.

Back at home Sophie finds her empty yogurt carton and glares at it. One day it will learn to refill itself.

We go to the cafe. The PONs view a trip in the car as a great adventure. Sophie , being the family diva, takes up 65% of the floor space. Bob sits in what's left and and looks out of the back window. 

Christmas is officially over. The mayors secretary takes down the two garlands from the yew trees by the war memorial. The length of silver glitter and the two red baubles that she'd attached to the cypress tree blew away in the gales. What took two minutes to put up takes a minute to take down.

When you live in a community of 67 souls it's amazing what there is to record. Bob and Sophie monitor it all. Life is so exciting.

Wonderful television.Why this series was dropped in the US is a mystery to Angus :


  1. It is amazing that animals sense and hear things that are beyond human understanding. Sophie is not on her own we have a cat who does that with her foodbowl. She expects it to be an automatic refill

  2. Ah, Sophie, it's not quite a perfect world yet - but the day that yogurt pot refills itself, it will be !
    Inca will suddenly stop and stare intensely at something only she can see, but fails to see her favourite Kong until she trips over it !

  3. So kind of Sophie to leave Bob that 35%. Is she sure he needs so much space?

  4. The visitors in rental cars came a day too early for the swaying Jesus.
    I didn't know about that Moving to Sweden series. Those clips are hilarious. Must watch all of it. Anything with Amy Poehler is great.

  5. Hari OM
    Sophie, I too would love an ever-filling curd pot; I've taken to making my own. It's an endless process... and I would suggest a 70/30 ratio give you a little more wiggle room! hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. I will definitely add Welcome to Sweden to my YouTube list. It looks like great fun!

  7. I am currently re-reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. Many people are asking Lisbeth, after she has stolen billions, "what are you doing for work?" I thought Americans were bad with this "work thing!"

  8. I so look forward to reading about your day and about Bob and Sophie. Also like your selection of videos. This show about moving to Sweden didn't get much publicity that I'm aware of her in America, but it looks like a winner to me from the clip. Too bad it's cancelled. I am struck by the news today that after President Trump met with the Swedish ambassador he recommended we allow more Swedes to emigrate to America. I'm all for that. Beautiful and wise people, although chose to settle near the Artic.....?

  9. Noticed the series is on YouTube. Will watch it.