Friday, August 31, 2018

'' I loves the lovelies "

Noses wet. Eyes bright. The angelic duo are up and ready for the off. This morning their master has his shirt sleeves rolled down. It's not cold but it's not exactly warm either. The first gentle hint that the year is steadily ploughing its course towards autumn.

The village is quiet.The Old Farmer has polished the veritable Ford Transit motor home and is taking the Belgian lady to the coast near Biarritz. 'Near' is a subjective term. It transpires that near Biarritz actually means a camping site inland and close to the airport. The Belgian lady has bought our neighbour a black leather waist coat.  This gives him something of a retired Hells Angel look. The trappers hat with ear flaps may not be the perfect accompaniment.

There was a time not so long ago when the avocados in the greengrocers came from the US. Now they're mostly from Latin America. The Brazilian ones huge round things - more like green grapefruits . Today Kenyan avocados make an appearance. The first time a non-Francophone African product has been seen.

Fresh dates also appear .

Big disappointment at the bakers. Either we're early or they're late in getting ready but the cake offering is decidedly sub-par. Croissant slivers, ear tickles and a bowl of water go a long way to making up for the PONs disappointment. Bob gives the young lady who brings him the croissant slivers his '' I loves you and I loves the lovelies " look.  Sophie is too busy licking the floor to take the time to thank anyone.

A trip to the site of the first nuclear explosion.


  1. Usually when you complain about the selection at the bakers, I just shake my head in bemusement, but this time, I can see your point!

  2. Thank goodness the PONs at least fared wells at the baker.

  3. Hari om
    Croissant slivers and ear scritchies are all that are required to put the world to rights? I say again, world leaders have forgotten the simples! YAM xx

  4. Looks like the baker partied too hardy last night.
    Kenyan avocadoes...sigh. I had an avocado tree in front of my house in Kenya. What a treat.

  5. Love the look on Bob’s face in the first picture!

  6. The wild fires in California have taken a toll on the avacado and lemon orchard.

  7. A smile here at the thought of the Old Farmer as a Hell's Angel. Here in Texas all our avocados come from Mexico, mountains of them piled high.