Monday, August 31, 2020

A concoction.

The last day of August. How can that be ? Whoever coined the phrase ' time flies' was a master of understatement. 'The Font' observes that it's coming on eight months since either of us flew anywhere. You'd need to go back fifty years to find either of us this air-phobic.

A long chat with men in dark suits. Although of different political persuasions they all seem to agree on the likely Electoral College result in the November election.

A walk along the ridge as the sun rises. Then off to the cafe for the morning croissants. Today we choose the cafe with the audacious sparrows and the large outside seating area. Sophie opts to ignore the sparrows who flutter around in front of her ( but wisely a couple of feet away ). Todays croissant has a surprising elegance which warrants a 9.2/10.

A bizarre cake which could either be a mandarin orange and strawberry combination or equally a tinned peach and strawberry concoction.

We choose a strawberry tart for lunch.

At the greengrocers they have now provided black plastic tongs to pick up the peppers. Angus notes that the older shoppers still use their hands to squeeze the produce. Today we forego buying peaches. They have been handled by at least half a dozen people before we can get to them. Is there any fruit that responds so badly to being manhandled as peaches ? They bruise if you so much as look at them.

A hotel with a dog menu. How great is that ? There again , maybe all menus are dog menus :


Lisa in France said...

I do hope that the men in dark suits reached the right conclusion. Right now things feel very fraught and I haven't yet figured out how to manage my anxiety without George Conway's Twitter feed. In the meantime, I wish we had some of those wrinkly peppers here in Tokyo. The hotel with dog menu sounded rather twee, but after reading Bronson's story, I changed my mind. I am still not sure that Cherry would really appreciate all the care that's obviously been invested in those dishes, however, as she's more of a "gulp and go" girl.

WFT Nobby said...

I would order thet sirloin steak with the 'enhancement' of a pork bone. Please.
Toodle pip!

Poppy Q said...

Best croissant in a while. I would buy the peaches and just rinse them before eating.

Liz Hamblyn said...

I would hope that the men in dark suits reach the right conclusion and that it actually happens.

Taste of France said...

It's certain the buffoon will lose the popular vote again, probably by far more than the first time. But the electoral college? Which was set up to appease the racist south?
Don't worry too much about the peppers. Fomite transmission accounts for very little Covid spread. You might get salmonella, though. Glad to hear you don't count yourself among the "older" shoppers.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Avocados. People insist on pressing them - then putting them back on the pile. All they have to do is check the state of the stalk point. But no. Let's squeeze... so I lift the top layer and go to the ones underneath. YAM xx

Coppa's girl said...

My goodness - if I fed Inca those dishes, she would be eating much better than I do! Wasted on her though - like Cherry and Sophie, she's more of a quick Hoover-up and a "Is this all I'm getting?" girl!
Most people here wear gloves provided by the supermarket, and have to sanitise their hands before entering - there's usually someone keeping watch to make sure it's done. I always wash peaches and any similar fruit well, before storing them away in the fridge. Anything that needs to be peeled is rinsed in water with a hint of bleach. Every time I do this, and sanitise all the other shopping, I wonder if this is just another of the new "norms" we'll eventually become accustomed to? Perish the thought that we'll still be doing it in a couple of years' time!

The Life of Riley said...

If you and the Font are not traveling anytime soon I an sure Sophie would love if you both tried to create a similar menu for her at TROFH.

Pam in NH said...

Please give a hint: if change doesn't come in November, I want to be stocked up before the Liquor Store crush. What do they say about Civil War?

Gemma's person said...

The croissant looks to be one of the biggest I have seen in your photos.
I would like to know, because I have seen similar cakes in your other photos, what the almond covered ,hole in the middle , voluptuously filled cake is? What flavor and what flavor is the filling?