Friday, August 14, 2020

How could you treat such a poor maiden so ?

Sophie has been playing hide and seek in the sunflower fields. She's been bitten by mites. The best way of dealing with this is a bath and some calming shampoo. Angus lures the unsuspecting PONette into the garden where she is given a thorough dousing. In return he gets the patented ' How could you treat a poor maiden so ? ' look.

The Old Farmer is working on the venerable Ford Transits  brake linings. He's been to see the surgeon about having a new hip operation.  They gave him a four hour medical. ' They did my eyes, my toes, you name it ' . The surgeon has told him that there's no need for an operation. This seems a very sensible approach for an 87 , coming on 88, year old patient.  

The magic word ' croissant ' has Sophie on her feet and looking on the bright, post bath, side of life.

We're in time to be greeted by the municipal refuse workers.

The croissant served in a brown paper bag. France is preparing itself for a second lockdown although every table on the cafe terrace is full.  Sophie is brought a bowl of water with ice cube in it. The trip to the cafe and back with the windows down soon has Sophies fur fluffed up and air dried.

Dogs clearly did it for food and ear scrunches. This is why cats did it :

An unusual topic of conversation :

Early birds :


Lisa in France said...

Judging from that first photograph, you clearly were in big trouble, lucky to be saved by some curly croissant ends. It's good to know the Old Farmer will not need a hip operation, although hopefully there's some other way to alleviate his troubles. I enjoyed the dinosaur link. If you've ever experienced an angry parrot advancing on you across the dinner table (for some perceived sin like using a pen), the inner velociraptor is plain to see.

WFT Nobby said...

Bertie is thinking that the boots of the refuse workers should be smelling delightfully ripe, given the recent heat.
Gail, in common with most Aberdonians it seems, is taking the second, local lockdown, hard. The arbitrariness of it feels particularly unfair. Of my cycling group yesterday, four of us live in the city and so face restrictions not applied to our one member who lives half a mile outwith the city boundary. A suspicion lingers that Nicola is making as example of us...

Poppy Q said...

2nd lockdown here in Auckland only at the moment. It will be interesting to see how it goes, as it seems to be the pattern everywhere.

Angus said...

On a call back to St.Andrews the cleaning lady ( in an empty house ) informs me that the town is bursting at the seams and she's had to park a ten minute walk away by the West Sands.

Angus said...

A wet PONette is not a happy PONette .... and it shows.

Angus said...

France and the UK putting on quarantine restrictions on each other today. The few foreign tourists in our deeply unfashionable part of France becoming fewer by the day.

Coppa's girl said...

Judging by the loaded trolleys and extra packs of toilet paper, I suspect that most of the shoppers I encountered in the supermarket this morning are also expecting another lockdown. If it's imminent, then I must buy some large tins of paint and other decorating needs, so that I won't be caught out again. A couple of bags of ready mixed sand and cement (just add water!) would be extremely useful too.
Sophie can take heart, Inca is due for a bath this weekend - but for no other reason than it's about time!