Saturday, August 8, 2020

Pandemically restricted.

Boy is it hot ! Sophie wanders over to let me know that we'd better head out early before the heat builds. This morning I opt to leave the shutters firmly closed. Fresh air can wait for a cooler morning. We enjoy a half hour walk to the shade of the Holy Well then return home. En route we pause on the storm drain and discuss Jerry Falwell, observe that Warren and Clinton will speak after each other at the Democrat ( virtual ) convention and wonder whether Pelosi or DJT have got it right over executive orders for Covid relief.

Our trip to the cafe a hurried one. The sun is already rising in the sky and while it's not exactly hot it's not exactly cool. An ice cube in her bowl of water is much appreciated by my furry companion. We bid au revoir to the two tables of municipal refuse workers and head home - windows down. Apart from comfort breaks in the shade of the orchard it is unlikely that Sophie will do much else until it cools down this evening.

Tomorrow we may get tickets to the recently re-opened Ingres museum in the departmental capital. It has one of those hugely unfashionable religious pictures of a young Jesus discussing doctrine with the Pharisees. This is the sort of picture full of symbolism that Victorians would have sat and studied for hours. Angus rather likes the use of bright colours  . Being a French painting the young Jesus is wrapped in red and blue. He's also sporting a very wonderful halo.  Strange ethereal light, billowing curtains, exotic architecture and a quizzical audience wearing every variety of head dress known to man make it a real barnstormer of a painting. The books scattered across the ground add a moralistic touch.  I shall try to take a better photo. 'The Font' thinks it unlikely that we will have problems getting tickets for such an out of favour exhibition even though entry is pandemically restricted to two visitors every fifteen minutes.



Virginia said...

Gosh! I surmise that the artist had a new brand ooffpaints and was being paid according to how many colours he (sure to be a he!) used! Would Sophie use a paddling pool in weather like this?

The Life of Riley said...

I've often wondered if you have one or more rooms in the ROFH with aircon (aka a heat pump) or is that something the French don't do? I'm guilty of leaving aircon on in our family room "just for the dogs" while I'm out so they are happy summer and winter. The electricity free "gel filled dog cooling mats" (sold by hardware and pet stores) also work well for my boys, as they go straight to the cooling mats and lie down after their morning walk, or if hot in the middle of the night.

WFT Nobby said...

Unlike today's first two commenters, I'm afraid Bertie and I can't give you the benfit of experience in dealing with extreme heat... We hope it cools down for you soon.
Cheers! Gail.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Lacking aircon in Australia, I fed Jade-dog frozen bananas and water melon for treats - her idea of heaven! YAM xx

Coppa's girl said...

Extreme heat here means that we, too, are out very early for our walk - this morning when dawn was just a thin line on the horizon. Out for our breakfast (consistently 9/10 for the croissants!), with a friend, just after 8 a.m. Then a walk round to a favourite café to relax under a shady awning to watch the beach rapidly filling up.
Glad to be home again - it's the best place to be when it's this hot!