Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The update from hell.

Microsoft has been busy. The latest update has well and truly scuppered the computer. This mornings blog post may, or may not, work. E-mails most certainly don't.

Angus expresses his displeasure under his breath. His furry companion has no interest in downloads.  She just wants to get out to see the sunrise.

She also knows that soon, possibly very soon, curly croissant ends will make an appearance in her day.

The life of a Vermont duck farmer :


  1. I held my breath and agreed to do the Microsoft update yesterday. So far, so good, so I hope your problems will get ironed out. I also hope that this morning's croissant will mark a positive change in the course of your day - yesterday's was rather strange-looking, more blunt ends than curly. I enjoyed the clip about the Maremma. I had no idea there were dogs trained to guard poultry, but I guess it is similar to Cherry's relationship with our parrots - although there isn't much to guard them from in our apartment, she certainly doesn't seem to have any interest in eating them.

  2. Hari OM
    As one who has stuck doggedly to Windows 7, I am thankfully free of enforced updates. I do have to deal with Google's tinkerings and that is enough for me. Anyhoo - glad the post turned up! YAM xx

  3. The photo of the sun rising on the village trees is gorgeous.

  4. Lovely photos today. Very much enjoyed visiting with Toby dog and the duck farm.

  5. Today is my first day of the update. I am waiting to see but keeping my fingers crossed.

  6. Windows 10 has completely messed up my computer. I have now learned how to get rid of updates...only keeping the security updates. I'm much happier not having all those crAPPS forced on me.