Thursday, August 13, 2020

They can wait.

The storms arrive. They prove to be of the well behaved variety. The temperature drops but there's no rain. We open all the shutters and the temperature inside The Rickety Old Farmhouse falls from an uncomfortable 28 degrees to a balmy 19.

Angus is up early and talking to men in dark suits. Every so often the door to the office is nudged open by a cold wet nose and Sophie comes in to remind me that there are more important things I should be doing. Todays conversation wanders onto the subject of Marjorie Taylor Greene. Angus and the men in dark suits are a little befuddled over what QAnon actually is.

The cable man comes bright and early to see whether its possible to have broadband access throughout the house. At the moment a couple of rooms downstairs get it,the rest don't. After half an hour he decides that the walls are too thick . It might be possible but only if the entire electrical system was ripped out and a new one installed. Netflix , might just work if we drill a hole from the junction box in my office through the ceiling . This would at least enable us to get through the winter without having to order DVD's from Amazon. We're nearly at the end of season 7 of Parks and Recreation. What will we do when we come to the end of the season ?

Sophie finally makes it quite plain that she's waited long enough. The Eastern Mediterranean, Belarus, the collapse of the Turkish Lira and Netflix installation can wait. 

This piece of music , sung by a Ukrainian choir,  accompanied Sophie and her master on their trip to the bakers :



Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
The whole world seems to be living with some concept of conspiracy (a'la QAnon and others) these days - largely, I suspect, driven by so many convuluted conspiracy secrety-squirrel TV shows produced ... by the likes of Netflix!

That's it, that's that, my say for the day; now need pack the computer away;
into the backpack it must stay; we're back to The Hutch for a fortnight's play!
YAM xx

WFT Nobby said...

Enjoyed the Ukrainian choir singing Coldplay this morning. Particularly impressed by the tall short-haired girl in the back row. Well done to her for rejecting the tyranny of the tight bun and sparkly hair band!

Lisa in France said...

Nice shot of Sophie in the last frame - she appears very confident that you know what she expects of you. I agree with you about QAnon - every couple of weeks, I try to figure it out and come away thinking "Really?" At the moment, I am more amused by the Kanye West saga, with his lawyers insisting the burden is on the election commission to provide that Mickey Mouse actually did NOT sign the petition they filed to put Kanye on the ballot in Wisconsin.

Angus said...

Even more amazing that Jared should have a private meeting with him over the weekend .