Sunday, July 25, 2021


The camera on the new i-Phone is better, much better, than the old one. However, it is still hard pressed to capture the family diva in high speed pursuit of a C-A-T that has been asleep by  the pool. The C-A-T goes left. Sophie continues in a straight line. This photo also speaks volumes to the quality of Sophie's twin titanium knees.

An uninspiring croissant from the bakers at the shopping centre. We sit at a table outside by what must be the worlds noisiest air conditioning unit. Angus is surprised to see that if you spend E30 on bakery products you can choose to receive either a place mat or a hat as a gift. This is the first time I've ever seen a hat as promotional give away.

Back in the village Sophie sits with me on the storm drain. The donkeys are down at the end of the field. Sophie can smell them but can't see them. There is much nose twitching.

Games of hide and seek in the sunflower fields have one major drawback : Bugs. Sophie is enticed into the bath for a rubdown with a medicated shampoo. Somehow, despite our very best efforts at subterfuge, she knows what is being planned. The family diva settles on her passive resistance approach to being bathed. This entails flopping on the floor and becoming a dead weight. The 'I shall not be moved' approach to water. She is 'encouraged' under the shower. After an hour , several rub downs and a walk to the war memorial she looks merely bedraggled. A reminder that a PONettes fur can absorb at least twice its body weight in moisture.

During the bathing process the bell at the gate rings to announce -  1) the onion seller - 2) the French teacher delivering some magazines ( the village residents recirculate their subscriptions ) - 3) The Old Farmer to tell us his television isn't working and 4) the  delivery man to tell us he's going away on holiday for two weeks ' but don't worry they'll have a replacement driver while I'm away'. This stream of visitors doesn't make the bathing process any easier.


  1. Do you think that Sophie might have arranged for the stream of visitors to your gate? When it comes to a PON girl's bath, any interruption is better than none at all!
    That croissant reminds me of the plastic ones they use in window displays.

  2. Hari OM
    ..."hat as promotional give away." Poor marketing. Folk are only ever going to want one such hat... now, a bonus sourdough loaf or pick of two small cakes extra might encourage repeat visits! YAM xx

  3. In my imagination, the promotional hat is a baseball cap, which to my mind is preferable to only one serviette! Our cardigan welsh corgis take ages to dry, and their fur, although double coated, is short. Sophie actually looks quite presentable in the last photo.

  4. The croissant and coffee photo looks like it belongs on a gallery wall.

  5. Sophie, your tail is magnificent!

  6. I thought we were to guess which person interrupted the bath, but to read ALL of them arrived at bath time . A plot.
    Your cups, do they contain hot chocolate or is it coffee with much more added?