Friday, July 23, 2021

Sensible thing to do.

Our day starts with a trailer load of cow dung being towed through the village. It will be spread on the field by the crossroads. Sophie thinks this is the Chanel No.5 of mornings. Angus is less sure.

We stop to admire The Old Mayors recent flower plantings. The concrete trough on top of the village well now looking resplendent in a multi-coloured display of begonias and pansies. The  committee that awards points in the ' Best Floral Village' competition are due any day. Whether their tastes and those of The Old Mayor are in synch is yet to be seen.

Mother and three baby moorhens scatter as we approach. They seem to have moved their nest from the shrubs that line the edges of the pond to the water lily leaves in the centre. In this heat that's an entirely sensible thing to do. The chicks have grown from ping pong ball sized to double that in the space of three days. They spend their time paddling contentedly around the pond under the ever watchful eye of their mother.

On our way home there's time for a quick game of hide and seek in the sunflower fields . 

Then it's down to the bakers for a lunch time desert. Today we opt for a small Brasilia which looks right for these hundred degree plus temperatures.



  1. I'm off the the florists to buy some sunflowers. Not quite the same thing as a whole field, but it will have to do. No chance of finding a Brasilia in Tokyo.

  2. Always love seeing your photos of the sunflowers. Perhaps your new phone could capture a photo of Sophie trying to be elusive. Does she move faster than the moorhens? Have a great day!

  3. Lucky Sophie - a whole trailer load of Chanel No 5 cow dung, all for her very own village - Inca is quite jealous!
    Riley, how do we know that Angus' new phone hasn't caught a photo of Sophie in amongst the sunflowers? Perhaps she has taken lessons from the moorhen chicks and learned to really be elusive!

  4. Ah, Brasilia cake. I don't remember the red decoration, though....Most of our sunflowers (SE USA) are hanging their heads by now, but like Lisa, I just bought some. The fields are lovely.