Monday, January 10, 2022


After truly foul weather over the weekend Monday morning dawns bright and fair(ish). More foul weather is forecast for later in the day so we'll make the most of the blue skies while they're here. The Old Farmer is up early filling a bowl with cream. He places it carefully by the iron railings on his balcony. Within seconds half a dozen of the village C-A-T-S are leaping up the stairs towards him. After Sophie's discovery of the 'rodent' we are more than happy for The Old Farmer to maintain a large feline coterie . In fact, the larger the better. Sophie, it can be assumed, does not share this view.

The mega smart Los Angeleans are on the phone it six . It's nine pm their time. We discuss the usual litany of issues but with Kazakhstan added to the mix. Sophie sits patiently by my desk but makes it abundantly clear that she's like to get her morning walk started. She fidgets, quietly , but not that quietly.


WFT Nobby said...

Will a cat fat on the Old Farmer's cream really out-compete Sophie in the matter of controlling the local rodent population?

Travel said...

Enjoy the weather while it is there. More you know whats to chase,

Coppa's girl said...

After three very cold and windy days, (10º max.) this morning I dressed accordingly for our morning walk. Three layers and then a fleece. Big mistake - the thermometer in the car nudged 20º in the shade, and the breeze was warm. The favourite walk along the town promenade showed that everyone else must have been caught out too, and we were all shedding our coats. It's 25º now - such changeable weather.
I hope the feral cats that inhabit our garden don't get to hear about the Old Farmer feeding his cats cream. Ours just get tap water!