Saturday, January 22, 2022

Going slowly ?

A beautiful morning down by the river -  but boy is it cold.

Sophie paddles in the river, gets her muzzle dirty in the mud , finds a single pigeon wing with the feathers still on it ( what joy !) and spends a good five minutes staring at the swans. 

After that it's off to pick up the breakfast croissants. We've also been tasked with buying some flowers which means a quick detour to the supermarket shopping precinct.

None of the assistants in the florists are wearing masks. Angus scoops up a dozen or so bunches of flowers from the buckets at the front door. Apart from tulips and roses most bunches seem to only have three stems in them. The young woman behind the till has the annoying habit of shouting out each purchase ' One bunch of roses - five euros ninety. One bunch of tulips - two euros thirty '.  Having run through the purchases she then asks if I have a frequent shopper card. I don't.  She then wants to know if I want one. She then regales me with all the benefits of having one. I put on a second mask. This action brings the conversation to an end. She has clearly decided I'm a bad tempered loon with no interest in saving money. The concept of aerosol transmission is, it seems,  not universally shared.

How can it be Saturday ? You'd think time would go by slowly in a close to home pandemic . The strange thing about pandemic living is that the days seem to run seamlessly into one another. Is this because there are no trips to the big city to break them up ?



WFT Nobby said...

Love the photo of Sophie on the deck over the water. The pandemic's 'seamless days' also have the effect that when there's a break in the routine, it can be quite disturbing. Gail is this morning recovering from an early Burns Supper at the local pub last night where the landlord Ronnie, aka 'The King of Ferryhill' delivered the most excruciatingly sexist (no, make that actively offensive) 'Address to the Lassies' that one could imagine. He did later redeem himself somewhat with a superbly dramatic delivery of Tam O'Shanter. A poor night's sleep followed.

Angus said...

It comes as no surprise that there are parts of Aberdeen where the psychology remains firmly in the 18th century.

Coppa's girl said...

All in all, a pretty exciting start to Sophie's day, with an unexpected mudpack - what joy!
Lovely colourful selection of flowers Angus, trust your choice was acceptable?
Bitterly cold here too, with grey skies. Out this morning for our usual al fresco breakfast - but today it was more comfortable indoors! Home again to thaw out with the central heating on high and the air con unit on warm! Even Inca has found it too cold for more than a quick outdoor comfort break.

Travel said...

I might have come home without flowers, my ill temper sometimes flares up that way

Gina said...

How will you arrange your flowers? Will you share aphoto or two?

Maudie said...

I'm cold looking at Sophie's wet fur and yet she does not even notice it.
Many years ago, as a full time physician and mother, I learned that having flowers in the house made up for all the lapses in housekeeping for which there was no time. Flowers are joy.

Kten said...

I feel like I am stuck in a loop. It is 'blurs-day' here! How cold is cold for you?

Diaday said...

Your pink wall is delightful!