Saturday, January 29, 2022

Surplus ingredients.

The weather forecast  promised a warm, wet start to the day. This  proves to be completely wrong. We wake to yet more freezing fog. This mornings freezing fog seems, if that's possible, to be even more freezing than yesterdays.

The shaggy dog and its human companion do a tour of the village in the sort of weather you'd expect to see in a BBC Dickensian thriller. A Jack the Ripper backdrop to our walk. On our tour it's evident that not all the Christmas decorations have been taken down. A single row of lights twinkles away forlornly in the village hall window.

The man with the cousin with the fishing boat passes in his little white Renault van. He's on his way to the coast to meet the boat when it comes in. ' If I find a lovely bit of cod I'll make sure you get some '. He says this in a conspiratorial tone of voice that sounds as if cod is being rationed. 

You'd think the Moorhens would be hibernating. Not a bit of it. The entire family is out and about on the ice. As we approach they rush towards the safety of the shrubs that line the edge of the pond . With the surface of the pond ice covered they slip and slide and make decidedly irritated noises. This is comedic - for me - if not for them.

Back at The Rickety Old Farmhouse the local courier driver drops off some wine. I unpack it and load the empty cartons in the back of the car. There are some advantages to having a delivery driver as a neighbour. Pre-breakfast wine deliveries are one of them.

Faced with impenetrable fog and another day of Covid lockdown 'The Font' decides to use all the surplus ingredients and make a Christmas pudding.   The kitchen turns into a steam bath as things start to  boil away. Sophie makes it quite clear that she will be spending her day in the kitchen keeping a watchful eye on things. 

 British pubs are going upmarket :

And here's one of this new breed in Scotland :


Poppy Q said...

Looks chilly.

Coppa's girl said...

Very Dickensian - did they have PONs in those days? Sophie's paws look as though she managed to find some mud on your walk.
Any chance that you could take a video of the Moorhen's antics on the ice?

Linda said...

Mmmm, a nice Menetou Salon there!

Angus said...

In some inexplicable way the Moorhens are always invisible when I have the i-Phone with me. When I don't they strut around without a care in the world. The life of a wildlife photographer must be a difficult one. Shall try to catch them on video for you

WFT Nobby said...

Wonderfully atmospheric photos in the freezing fog today. The iPhone (and its owner) did well.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari om
Atmosphere is everything, on blogs or in drinking venues! YAM xx

Travel said...

Wonderful landscape, light snow and well below freezing here, maybe I will bundle up and go out for a walk, if the Diva were here, I bet she would enjoy the stroll.

Sharon said...

Love these foggy pictures and of course Ms. Sophie. Bright blue sky this morning, temperature -22C, wind chill -33C on the north shore of Lake Ontario Canada. I had to use the hair dryer to heat up the lock on the door going into the garage. Brrrr.

Stephanie said...

Indeed, the first photos look like something right out of Bleak House. The Font is very fortunate to have Sophie as her sous chef.