Friday, January 14, 2022

What strength.

At  the front gate a spiders web covered in hoar frost stops me in my tracks. The frost coating must be ten times the diameter of the web. Talk about strength.

Out  along the old Roman road. This is not a day for dawdling. Sophie puts her head down and proceeds at a 'determined' pace. Me thinks the ground must be cold underfoot.

Into the third year of pandemic living. How to maintain a blog when nothing is happening ?

The little things continue regardless. The hyacinths didn't bloom for Christmas. They're starting to show signs of life now. Better late than never.

Angus still tries to read two books a week. A history of what happened to the monks, nuns and friars after Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries is an insight into a life style change that was abrupt and irreversible.

The Rickety Old Farmhouse reveals its treasures slowly. The second best sporran is found in a drawer where it was placed for safe keeping eight years ago. One of those places that was deemed so obvious that it couldn't possibly be lost. 

The Catskills go mega trendy :

Plans for 2022. We like Maine and this looks like a place to visit :


Liz Hamblyn said...

The book recommendation looks very interesting. I will request it to be ordered from our local library. For some reason, I prefer not to read books on history or any books of a biographical nature on my kindle. Some time in my distance past I did a 3rd year paper at university on Tudor history. Us students were more interested in Elizabeth I sex life than our lecturer's desire to teach us about Elizabethan poor laws.

Lisa in France said...

You never know, people may be reading this blog a hundred years from now as a chronicle of what actually happened when nothing was happening. I look forward to it every afternoon, it seems to put the world to rights after the blur of political, financial and pandemic news from the States in the morning. I mean, really, the Catskills go mega trendy?? The Maine hotel looks lovely, Auberge Resorts bought and renovated our favorite hotel in Hawaii and seems to have done a good job based on the photos (haven't been there yet, of course). We are attempting to begin getting ready for the day when we can travel again by asking Cherry's old trainer, who also used to board her when we went away, to come by and walk Charlie twice a week. It's going to be quite a scene, I'm afraid.

WFT Nobby said...

This loyal reader is always interested in Angus's comments on the books he's currently reading. Not sure today's one will go on to my 'required reading' list, but many others have.
Best book I've read so far this year (OK, there have only been two) is 'The Miraculous Fever Tree' by Fiametta Rocco, an absorbing account of the history of the use of quinine as a malaria cure. For example, did you know that quinine was derided as a 'popish cure' in post-reformation Europe as its efficacy against malaria had been discovered by Jesuit missionaries?
Cheers! Gail.

WFT Nobby said...

PS The frosty spider web is truly amazing!

Coppa's girl said...

The frosty spider's web looks just like a piece of macramé!
If Sophie's put her head down and proceeded at a snappy pace then it must be cold. Chilly here too, and we're waiting for the sun to warm the streets before we venture out.
For a village where nothing ever happens, you keep us remarkably well entertained, Angus.

Travel said...

A daily glimpse of life through the eyes of the Diva works wonders for your readers. Nice spider web.

Pam in NH said...

Please! Never stop blogging Angus, more happens in France profonde than happens anywhere else on earth. Good or bad, it is always charming. XXX to Sophie

Camille said...

Once, while away on a mini vacation with my Mom, she treated us to a night at the White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport. Even to a twelve year old, I realized how special and charming a place it was...and still is. At this stage of the pandemic I'm reading my way through most of Edna Ferber and James Hilton's novels. Always familiar with 'Giant' and of course, 'Goodbye Mr. Chips', but never any of the others, I'm finally catching up.

Liza's observation of this blog being a chronicle of "what actually happened when nothing was happening" is the best quote of the day. Brilliant. Keep up the good work Angus.

Bailey Bob Southern Dog said...

I have always loved seeing spider webs with rain drops, but have never seen one with ice. However, that may change this weekend in Atlanta Georgia. According to the weather forecast, we are in for a winter mix of everything! Ice being the worst due to loss of power. Your blog enriches my life every morning, thank you Angus.