Sunday, January 9, 2022

The Swan.


Saturday sees January weather settle in. Rain lashes The Rickety Old Farmhouse as a storm barges its way in from the Atlantic. The shutters rock on their hinges and the gutters rattle like banshees. A day for staying  warm by the fire. Sophie deals with the inclement weather by turning on her back, sticking her legs in the air and snoring. She is taken off for three lengthy walks during which her fur gains her body weight in water. 

This morning it's finally calm. The flotsam on the river bank the only sign that there's been a gale .

At the fishing dock we stop and watch a swan. Sophie is intrigued with this large white thing on the water. Her nose twitches. This is a sure sign that she's weighing up her desire to chase after it against her recognition that there's water in between her and her prey. With a sigh she decides that getting wet simply isn't worth it.

Whoaaa !  Things getting to peak Covid here - the click and collect busy the centre of town deserted :

Saw this on mask wearing which although not adjusted for Omicron is interesting  :

This was a surprising tale :


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
N95 masks have been known as the superior product... but as most of the general public struggle to properly apply even standard face coverings, the benefits of N95s are likely to be reduced through poor application. Then don't even get into the fact that people don't want single-use masks and completely ignore the risks of reuse of these medical masks. Another issue is the amount of littering that takes place as folk lose or dump the coverings with no care at all to environment or alternative transmission risks. ... and nothing beats the 'hands, face, space' discipline that we all started out with, but so many have grown lax about. So, I remain in splendid isolation... YAM xx

WFT Nobby said...

The Afghan restaurant is story a refreshing change from Covid!
January weather here means Bertie can't let himself out into the garden this morning as rain followed by a heavy frost has frozen the dog flap door firmly shut.

Lisa in France said...

I fear that we may be just a few weeks behind you here in Tokyo. The daily number is still relatively low but up 14X since last week. We have all switched over the KF94 masks, the Korean equivalent of the N95. It is easier to get a tight seal and quite comfortable and easy to breathe. We are hoping to get boosted later this month, so hopefully the KF94s will keep us safe until then. We put our son on a flight back to the US this afternoon - he is boosted and careful but also somewhat resigned.

I also enjoyed the story about the Afghan restaurant!

Coppa's girl said...

Sophie, thank goodness you didn't chase that swan, you would have got more than your feet wet!
Good to read about the Afghan restaurant, and imaginative use of a shipping container. Some time ago I saw a design programme where an architect had built himself a spectacular home using several shipping containers. By the time the project was finished there was no hint of the origins of the building.
It seems different countries recommend different masks - or perhaps it's the same style mask going by a different number. Have not been aware of N95, ours are FFP2, which can be bought in packs of three from supermarkets, chemists (farmacy) and most fancy goods shops. When the pandemic first took hold, every farmacy gave all seniors a free pack of three folded-style masks, and I don't doubt some are still wearing the original ones! From last week we are supposed to wear masks outdoors too, but I find it uncomfortable for any length of time, so tend to carry one with me on the dog walks. Looking around it seems very much a 50/50 split between the wearers, and those who just carry their mask with them - usually on the arm.

Travel said...

Wise girl to not go for a swim after the pretty bird. And what would she do if she caught it, bring it home and drop it on the kitchen floor?