Tuesday, January 25, 2022


1:16 am. The phone pings to let me know I've got a message. Must be important to be sent at that time in the morning. Turns out it's the phone company with the news there's an 'exciting new range of payment plans coming your way'. I have somewhat uncharitable thoughts about the phone company and its exciting new payment plans while trying to get back to sleep again.

The recent frost has caused the seed pods on the plane trees to burst . As we head off on our morning walk the verges on either side of the lane are thick with seedlings. It goes without saying that Sophie's fur attracts plane tree seedlings like a magnet attracts iron filings. Perhaps this happens every January but I've never noticed it before.

To avoid Sophie becoming completely covered in the things we head off to the seed free atmosphere beside the river.

Both pontoons have now been retrieved and towed back into place although there's no sign of the small yacht that had run aground on the sandbank midstream. Sophie chases after a leaf that blows across the concrete dock. This requires the PONettes close attention and some deft footwork. Apart from a young black Labrador and an adventurous Yorkie there is no one to be seen. Sophie's absolute favourite pastime is her walk down by the river. Doubly so when there's frost underfoot and exotic 'scents' are suspended in ice and waiting to be discovered. 

All our previous PONs were tail less. Sophie's tail, it has to be said, is an architectural thing that has a life of its own.

After an hours walk in the fresh air we head back home in the car. I suggest that Sophie joins me in the garden for some yard work. She opens one eye and imparts  a diva look that makes it 100% plain that beauty sleep is her priority.

This is one way of looking at things :https://www.nber.org/papers/w29677#fromrss


Lisa in France said...

That photo of Sophie's tail is quite something, as is Sophie's tail itself. The article regarding buildings was fascinating. It is always interesting to find that someone has devoted great thought to some esoteric topic that I have spent a lot of my own time thinking about. One of the things that most struck me when we moved to Tokyo thirty years ago was how ugly most of the buildings were. I initially attributed this to the fact that most of them were slapped together cheaply after the war's destruction. But then, when they were replaced, the new buildings were, for the most part,equally ugly. It was a puzzle in a country that creates so much beauty, but now I understand that Japan is simply a country where buildings are expected to come and go and, therefore, not taken very seriously. People here are constantly tearing their own homes down and rebuilding, and even Ise Shrine, the main shrine of the sun goddess, is torn down and rebuilt every 20 years. Our own building was constructed in 1983 but is marketed as "vintage."

Coppa's girl said...

After an hours walk in frosty weather, and exotic scents to enjoy, who can blame Sophie for declining to help you in the garden? With such a comfortable bed beckoning, it's no wonder she wants to catch up on her beauty sleep.

WFT Nobby said...

Bertie, who wears his own tail with pride, is most impressed with Sophie's today!

Travel said...

There is a reason I silence my computers and turn my phone off at night. My office tends to send marketing emails in the middle of the night when the network is quiet. Hateful thoughts abound. Divas are often to tired to do yard work, she needs he beauty rest.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Oh yes, that tail is shown to maximum advantage today!

I too got abosrbed in the architectural conundrum of beauty versus ugly - which, as always with aesthetics, must be considered subjective to the viewer, I believe. The second 'intro' item only left me wondering, 'why bother?' YAM xx

Stephanie said...

Sophie's tail is splendid! Her natural charm shines in all of today's pictures.