Friday, February 23, 2024



Snow on the hills on the far side of the bay. The supply boat remains firmly at anchor offshore. This confluence of factors would usually indicate that bad weather is on the way but it's calm and bright and warm(ish)....or at least not cold. The farmer is up and about early releveling the ground in the potato field where the large lake has formed in the recent rains. He promises to smooth out some of the potholes on the track that leads down to the Last wee house before Denmark.

With a sixteen hour flight ahead of us we go for a long walk to stretch our legs. The harbour is busy. Better weather has brought out the part time fishermen and the berths have filled up with small boats of varying degrees of sea worthiness.

The tours for the parents of wannabe students continue.  These are very international affairs. We step off the pavement to let a particularly determined group pass by. They have the look and intensity of folks who are on a mission. An American woman at the tail end is chatting to a student guide and asking how safe the town is. The guide assures her that 'Crime isn't a big thing here. This  isn't Portland '. Has Portland really become the text book example of urban disorder ?

Fudge buns arrive fresh at the bakers.

The bakers window is displaying something unusual. Angus isn't sure what's on offer but 'The Font' says they're chocolate lipsticks and nail polish. A chocolate set of gardening tools complete the tableau. Mothers Day offerings ?

Easter eggs make a seasonal splash in the window of the chocolate shop. They're  in the process of receiving a major delivery. The window is already full and more cartons are being wheeled into the store room. Angus is greatly taken with a large Lindt rabbit with a red bow . Chocolate from an Easter Lindt rabbit always tastes special. 'The Font' thinks this belief is psychological but isn't sure what it signifies. 

Now a quick trip back home and then off in the car to Edinburgh airport.

Fun facts :

Should politicians understand history ? :

Toulouse is a greatly underestimated city :


WFT Nobby said...

Wishing Angus and the 'Font' a safe, smooth and comfortable journey.

jabblog said...

Have a safe journey.

Linda said...

Bon voyage, and looking forward to the tales of travel.

Coppa's girl said...

Safe travels.

Anonymous said...

Gute Reise !

Grüße aus Bayern, Barbara

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Fly well, land well, be well! YAM xx

Camille said...

Wishing you a wonderful journey and fun adventures.

Stephanie said...

The picture of the harbor would make a fine painting. Wishing you a splendid holiday!

Pam in NH said...

So happy that your eyes are well enough to travel, enjoy your time away.

Bailey Bob Southern Dog said...

May you have the best holiday ever!

Lisa in France said...

Happy trails! Hoping for some pictures from Japan.

WendyAnn said...

Lots of umbrellas in picture 3 ! Hope you both have a wonderful time in Japan. Looking forward to some pictures.
Wendy (Wales)