Friday, October 4, 2013

Admiration and familiarity are strangers.

Out with Sophie for an early walk from one end of the village to the other. It's been windy overnight and the lane is covered with squashed apples and damsons. Sophie is delighted with the apples, less so the damsons which she spits out with disgust . When we get home Bob is furious to discover his sister has been eating and he hasn't.

Another chimney sweep arrives. He's supposed to clean the exhaust flue from the boiler. Without an annual certificate saying that it's been done your house insurance is invalid. He rather stroppily says that he's got a license to sweep chimneys not flues. '' You'll need a specialist for that mate ".  We get him to clean the chimney in return for his €92 call out charge. The chimney has now been swept twice.

The restoration of the village church nearly completed. It looks very grand. The roof repaired , the frescoes as bright as if they'd just been painted. The mayor pops by at seven for a reviving glass of champagne ; " only the one " he says settling down comfortably on the sofa. It seems there is to be a service on October 22nd to celebrate the completion of the works and the unveiling of a memorial to the Franco-Algerian war. The 97 year old abbot in the local old folks home will be officiating. The depressive accordion playing physiotherapist will be providing the musical accompaniment. '' I'm sure it will be a day to remember " says ' the font ' perhaps a tad too truthfully.


  1. The church does look magnificent. Will look forward to your report on the celebration service...

  2. Will the Jack Russells be there?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. I just love looking at your pictures and your stories. Thanks for sharing.
    Bentley, Wheaten Scottie

  4. Look at Bob's face, that's a real 'have you forgotten me? Where's my share of the goodies Sophie's had?' . How can you resist him?

  5. The first photo on this post is gorgeous!
    I am sure Bob will get his taste of apples and damsons.
    Beautiful renovation. Hope the dedication ceremony will equal it.

  6. Remy is also a huge fan of apples. He also steals unripe pears from our tree and crunches them up. Bob, I'm sure, will have his turn. He and Sophie look great!

  7. I've been away, and now I'm back trying to catch up with my blog reading and all the antics of Bob and Sophie while I was away.
    Seems as if everyone is okay.
    I hope that the old abbot will be able to officiate at the celebration service for the old church renovations Any excuse to get away from the old folk's home I suppose?

  8. The village church looks gorgeous. I'm glad that your chimney is so very clean!

  9. The church is very nice but it pales in comparison to the beauty of the first two pictures. The landscape in the first picture is amazing and the clouded sky in both pictures, especially the pebbled cloud effect in the second picture, is riveting. You are blessed to have this wonderful backdrop to your walks.
    It is probably too late to ask but what is the pi-shaped gray structure on the upslope in the second picture?

  10. Whoops, sorry. I mean the first, not second, picture.

    1. Those are apple trees covered in netting to stop the birds getting at them.