Monday, October 21, 2013

There's no education in the second kick of a mule

The fence round the compost heap still proving to be ' permeable ' . It seems our compost comes in three forms. The current years vintage which looks like dried grass and smells like dried grass, The 2012 vintage which still has some solid structure to it and smells like a working farmyard. Then there's the 2011 vintage. You have to dig deep to find the 2011 vintage. Almost liquefied and with an odour that brings tears to the eyes. Bob and Sophie are inexorably drawn to the 2011 vintage. Grand Cru Silage.

Angus is washing some of the 2011 compost off Bobs undercarriage when ' the font ' appears . 'The font ' is dressed as if we're off to a funeral at the Brompton Oratory. '' Oh Angus ! Why aren't you in a suit ? You'd better get a move on or we'll be late ". Over breakfast we'd agreed that we'd miss the ten thirty mass and go to the unveiling of the memorial at eleven thirty. Clearly, this was a conversation I'd had with myself.

The old priest has fallen asleep in the sun. The young priest who'd brought him from the old folks home leaves him asleep in his wheelchair. The young priest tries to corral the ancient combatants. This proves difficult. Some of them are behind the salle des fetes sharing the contents of a hip flask. The mayor is sent to round everyone up. The depressive physiotherapist with his accordion hasn't shown up. Ten thirty comes and goes.  It seems Angus needn't have changed into a suit so quickly.


  1. Perhaps the absence of the accordionist was a blessing?

  2. Bet the PONs would have rounded up everyone quickly....especially if they'd come straight from depths of the compost heap.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Oh Angus you do make me laugh....."some of them are behind the salle des fetes sharing the contents of a hip flask." I can see it so clearly.
    I hope after the late and highly entertaining start that the ceremony went okay.
    Grand Cru Silage....I love it.

  4. I had to chuckle at the title of this post--Even though I'm from Kentucky, I'm not a Mitch McConnell supporter, but I think that quote was the most memorable thing he has said in a long time. And I'm sure it would never be said in French politics.

    But I do hope by the time everyone was rounded up for the mass and the unveiling, that it all went as planned--But is that possible in your village?

  5. I keep wondering whether the compost heap might have
    been set upon the site of an earlier septic system leak.
    Either that or something's died under there. Even vintage
    compost should just smell earthy, I believe.

    Our politicians are keeping us entertained these days.

  6. I hope you had something good in that suit pocket to get you through the morning!

    1. Funny you should say that. I forgot to put any money in my pocket for the collection at the end of the service and had to embarassedly smile and shrug my shoulders when the plate came to me !.

  7. Wow, is that little Sophie? I think all that compost is having a growing effect !

  8. The PONs are keeping you busy. I hope the old priest isn't shockingly awakened from his nap in the sun by the tones and tempo of the accordion.

  9. Not being a fan of the Senator from KY, I did have to give him credit for that comment. I enjoyed seeing the villagers and imagining their conversations..

  10. We use an electric wire like farmers use to fence livestock around the bottom of our fence to keep the tunnelers in. One shock keeps most dogs away forever; others will keep testing it. Depending on location, you can get a charger that runs on hydro, batteries, or solar. It is not being cruel, just unpleasant enough to keep them safe.

    Sandra Bird

  11. Oh my goodness! How do you do this? Sum so much up in so few words and so hilariously! I can just picture you happily wiping 2011 vintage off Bob's "undercarriage" and the font appearing all prim and properly dressed . . .hahahahaha.

    Poor young Priest, I expect he silently prayed for strength.

    I was so hoping to hear what Madame Bay wore and if the large orange mechanical device played a role in the ceremony. I do hope a second installment is on the way. Not that I am hinting or anything.

  12. Love reading your blog. Thank you