Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fearful as reality is, it is less fearful than evasions of reality.

The mayor and the lady in the broad brimmed purple hat spend much of the day planting flowers around the war memorial. Their labours are interrupted by the arrival of a large white tractor and a truck which delivers an orange machine with extendable arms. This is unloaded by four men in blue overalls. Barriers are carefully put around the machine and then reflective tape put round the barriers. The machine seems to be full of moving parts that could be dangerous. The mayor is somewhat vague as to why the machine has been delivered and what its exact purpose is.

The Old Farmer ventures onto the village green with a bottle of his home made wine. Time for an alfresco tasting of the 2013 vintage. The wine will be served at the lunch following the unveiling of the Algerian War Memorial. '' They'll appreciate something local " he says with what might be taken as confidence . By '' they " he means the general and the other visiting dignitaries from Paris. '' Quite memorable " says ' the font ' when asked to express an opinion. This is taken as a compliment.

Bob and Sophie rush around the garden happily terrorizing each other. 


  1. Looks like more action for the little village in the near future.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Reality looks pretty good in your photos today.

  3. The font could write a book on how to be tactful in France.

  4. bob and sophie look like they are happily getting in trouble!

  5. Always so much going on in your little village. Non-stop action.

  6. If the mayor doesn't know what's going on with the equipment, then who does?
    Such fascinating happenings in the village... wonder what's next? I'm sure you'll let us know.
    Loved the photo of Bob and Sophie terrorizing each other...they're certainly a happy pair.
    Happy weekend to all of you.

  7. Don't things usually get a bit heated when the homemade stuff is served?
    You still have roses. Lucky you.

  8. As I catch up an your last few posts, I'm reminded how lovely are the simplest things in life - dogs playing and futilely chasing squirrels; hoping no new cows show up in the bad farmer's field; community and visits. Happy Anniversary - you have made a good life. I appreciate your sharing with us.

  9. Something tells me it might not have been intended as a compliment, but sometimes people will hear what they want to anyway!

  10. It's such a joy to see your PONs' happy faces every morning and to read about the latest exploits of your colorful villagers. Merci for sharing your experiences with us! And happy is the home that harbors two such beautiful, comical, and rambunctious puppies! What are the little angels tearing up in the first picture? And do my eyes spy a carrot squeaky toy from IKEA? Toys from IKEA last a long, long time -- they may be intended for children, but they work great for dogs! IKEA's $4 rats are about the only thing that our two little angels don't gut right away -- the stitching takes months and months of tugging and chewing before giving out. :) Whereas the carrot's squeaker gets killed within five minutes, and the pants are usually pulled off by the end of one week... Such busy little canines. :)

    Belatedly: Bon Anniversaire!!

    Purple Magpie
    with Mitzi the Chiweenie and
    Emmy the (still) Bouncing Pogo Puppy
    (we fear she may never outgrow her puppy-ish "sproinginess")

  11. Love that perfect picture of play.
    Gosh, they are cute.