Tuesday, October 15, 2013

If a man who cannot count finds a four leaf clover , is he lucky ?

A herd of deer leap across the fence from the woodland and into the garden. The dial on the alarm clock say it's 3.17 am.  Bob and Sophie waste no time in letting us know there are deer outside . Serious thought is going to have to be given to finding somewhere ( soundproofed)  in the house where their happy barking can't be heard . It's amazing how quiet a little French village can be at night and how far the sound of yapping can travel . I'd be happy to let them bark away to their hearts content. The villagers wouldn't.

The two little angels are unfazed by their interrupted sleep.  They're up and about at six , fresh as daisies. The same cannot be said about their owners. After our early morning trip to the cafe under the arcades the PON duo start to dig. Today it is the acanthus border by the front door that receives the full brunt of their gardening skills. Maybe it's a sign of age but neither of us can remember previous PON pups being this energetic.


  1. Oh how exciting! A whole herd of deer in the garden. Gosh, between them and Bob and Sophie's splendid efforts, the garden must be looking quite a sight.
    Toodle pip!

  2. You can get really good earplugs these days.
    Stocking fillers for all the village at Christmas......?

  3. Every morning I pop in to find out about Bob & Sophie's most trecent adventures - they never fail to make me smile. How exciting for everyone to have a herd of deer in the garden!

  4. We think you've just forgotten about PON puppies....

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. we always forget about the puppy stage.....

  6. I know what you mean the sound of barking dogs traveling much differently in the early morning hours. It's hard to curb their barking when they're intent on chasing away whatever it is. But I found that a floor fan provides 'white noise' and helps to drown out the outside noise--Perhaps one next to their kennels/crates at night might help?

    And it's easy to forget about the energy and antics of puppies, if we remembered, no one would ever get another.

  7. Wow, what excitement for Bob and Sophie....a herd of deer....who cares what time it is, we have to bark at them until they go away.
    I'm sure the acanthus will be all the better from the hard pruning that they're receiving from the angels.

  8. Passing pilgrims in the day, herds of deer at night! Now all you need are the crepuscular wild boar!
    The villager's windows closed and
    heavy draperies drawn in the cold
    weather will muffle things a bit, won't they?

  9. The adorable smile on Sophie's face in the last photo makes up for all sorts of puppy mischief.

  10. Mischievious though they are, those two beauties will keep you and the "font" young, if they don't wear you out first! :-)

  11. We agree w/Kim, if we remembered the puppy antics, we'd never get another. The shredding, the early mornings, the presents left in weird places etc. And, barks travel far in the 'city' too. But, if the neighbors have an issue--they haven't told us !!! Oh yeah, the puppy would bite their toes !!