Saturday, October 26, 2013

God has given you one face , and you make yourself another

Having lost  2 1/2 kilos in as many days Sophie is determined to eat. In fact she's practising for the Olympic gold medal in eating.

The PON's are not allowed in the dining room. Nor are they allowed on the furniture. A couple of simple house rules.  Imagine our surprise when, after clearing the dinner plates, we return to find Sophie standing on the dining table finishing off a platter of chicken. The little angel has crept in, clambered up on a chair and then launched herself onto the table where the goodies are. This is nothing if not enterprising. Her brother wouldn't dream of doing this.

Was it only six months ago we were worried that Sophie was too shy and retiring ? She gives me an independent '' a girls got to do what a girls got to do  " look before being bundled outside. She is firmly told that this is a routine that will not be repeated.


  1. Way to go, Sophie. We are in awe.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

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  3. I am so relieved! Sophie is back and better than ever.

    Inflamed vital organs one day and climbing onto a dining table the next. I just love her unstoppable spirit.

  4. I have been following your blogs for a number of years. But the tribulations of Bob and Sophie's lives with
    Angus & "The Font" are a joy.
    So glad that Sophie is recovering from those mushrooms.
    I have to say, she does not look one bit sorry......
    PS Iam a French woman living in Australia and I envy very much your life in the France Profonde - never understood that expression

  5. Clear Sophie is even smarter than we realised. I am imagining a thought process that goes something like: "Oh I am sure that Angus and 'the font' will we so relieved that I've recovered from my mushroom poisoning episode and so happy that I'm eating again, that they couldn't possibly tell me off about anything, in fact they'll probably be pleased to see I have the strength to jump up on the dining table and will reward my initiative with a second plate of chicken. Yes this is something I shall probably get way with today."
    Cheers, Gail.

  6. The little angel has had a near miss and is making up for lost time !!
    She probably knew she was being naughty but the desire to eat took over. I hope she doesn't show her brother how to do this new trick !!

  7. Maybe the mushrooms toxins are still in control of her thought processes.
    Oh, Angus and the font, I've been away for a few days and come back
    to find tragedy closely averted!
    What our poor girl has been through!
    It could have easily killed a lesser
    dog. Sophie needs to be forgiven
    everything until she returns fully to
    normal. Thank God you have
    excellent veterinary care for the
    angels and thank God the angels
    have you. Sophie may never
    remember this particular incident, but
    Bob, in full command of his faculties, will.
    Is there never a quiet moment at
    your house, goodness!

  8. But how many times will you have to repeat telling Sophie this is a lesson to not be repeated? ;-)

    PS: You are right in your thoughts about my dog walker--In the 6 years she has been coming, "CC" has always followed our instructions with them to the letter, and has been good to them, thankfully.

  9. Oh after that scenario I KNOW that Sophie is much better and back to herself.
    When the body is on the way to recovery we do things that we wouldn't normally do.....yes I'm taking Sophie's side here.
    She's in recovery mode and the urge to eat will be great, and she's probably now getting back her smelling sense, and with the font's chicken just sitting there smelling so good.......who could blame her for her naughty act??
    I am SOOOO happy that she's feeling like Sophie again, and determined to put back on the weight she has lost.....after all she has to catch up to Bob someday.....

  10. I know she has been naughty, but, what's a dog to do with the aroma of chicken teasing her nostrils?
    Bless her tenacity.

  11. "Dogs not allowed on the furniture." I am, along with Sophie (you go, girl!), laughing merrily at your delusion; I used to think that, too. So glad Mlle Sophie is recovering rapidly and taking all steps necessary to regain those lost kilos.

  12. Oh, Sophie!!! We're glad you have your strength back and are showing such admirable athleticism! We know you don't understand why you got in trouble for climbing on the table -- humans sometimes don't remember that in dog language, leaving food unattended means it is available for the taking, so in your mind you should not get in trouble for making sure no one else gets it before you do... We do hope there were no bones involved, because cooked poultry bones can splinter and poke holes in your insides, and that would mean another trip to the vets! And we know you don't like it at the vets (even though your vets really are quite wonderful)... Please continue to be fun-loving and adventurous, but do try to do it in a safe manner. You had us all so worried!

    Purple Magpie, Mitzi the Good Dog, and Emmy the Monkey Dog (who is also a very talented counter surfer and table climber, 5-inch-legs are not a hindrance when you're powered by Pogo Puppy mojo.)

  13. You go, Girlfriend! Yay for Sophie's indomitable spirit!

  14. guess Sophie is on the road to recovery!!

  15. sounds like Sophie is on the road to recovery!!

  16. after the close call and all the weight loss she had to do it.
    Glad to hear she is on the road to recovery.

  17. It was so wonderful to read yesterday that Sophie was so much better. Then to read this morning that she helped her self to the chicken on the table, made me laugh, she is back to her old self. Prayers have been answered for Sophie.

  18. Yea! Another Step (although it was "up" on the table) on the road to recovery for Miss Sophie. Ha Ha - We laughed out loud.
    Good for her - I'm sure Mister Bob was amazed as well as impressed with his sis.

    Barks from Yogi :)

  19. So good to see Sophie has got her pon appetite back.... And we know how healthy that is!!!!!
    Rupiec agrees xx

  20. Never stand in the way of a hungry woman.
    Just saying.

  21. Sophie, you are the cutest dog I have ever seen (as dogs go).
    Cat, Mandu

  22. Sorry to laugh, but the thought of Sophie ON the table enjoying the chicken really is pretty funny! I know how hard it is to be stern in these situations but you really have to admire the enterprising nature of pups! So glad she lived to get into more trouble!

    Karen & Kelly Rathje
    Iowa USA

  23. My Jake from heaven is applawding Ms. Sophie. He never met a chair he didn't want to hop on and when that chair led to a table top, well what's to stop me, he thought!. So glad Sophie's appetite has returned and her spunk. But she may have to get used to new rules about roaming free, depending on what flora and fauna are in season.

    xxx Joan and JH

  24. You go girl! I bet you were secretly very happy she did this as it is a sign she is regaining her health. Our pup can really stretch those front paws when we aren't looking and has consumed pesto and pasta, sautéed asparagus and One classic time when the humans were just downstairs getting the laundry when she grabbed two chicken thighs that were near the backsplash. The plate was spotless in two minutes.

  25. Great to hear that Sophie is recovering!

    Hmm, you write "routine"... Routine means something that is a habit, something that is repeated. And I'm afraid it will be as Sophie seems to be a typical, hungry, PON-girl! ;-)

  26. We are mightily relieved here, too, just like Bob. So happy for you all that Soohie is well.

  27. Your beautiful and gorgeous girl.... joining the chorus that sings songs of gratitude and rejoice - she is well at last.. we worried so much. Love from Southern Italy - Susanne, Daisy and Kirilirli (the partydog)

  28. Maybe she enjoyed admiring herself in the reflection