Saturday, October 19, 2013

It is easy to stand a pain, but difficult to stand an itch.

Somehow, the little angels manage the impossible. They get back into the compost heap. Is it the taste of silage or the lure of the forbidden that makes them so enterprising ?  Sophie is thoroughly washed. Bob would have joined her in the bath had he not decided to make himself scarce.

Preparations continue for tomorrows reconsecration of the church and unveiling of the memorial to the Algerian War . The grass verges are cut, the road markings freshened up, the leaves around the war memorial blown away and the holes in the road at the side of the salle des fetes filled in with tarmac. 

This air of perfection is somewhat marred by the presence of the mysterious orange mechanical device in front of the church. It remains cordoned off behind metal barriers and day-glo tape. What can it be for ? Will it be in pride of place for tomorrows ceremonies or will it be moved ?


  1. Have they buried a toy in there?
    Merlin takes great pleasure in hiding things; under sofas, cupboards, wardrobes and anything else that might have an interesting gap. On the odd occasion when he has been unsuccessful in retrieving those objects he fetches us and asks for assistance. Being inferior humans we sometimes are convinced that there is nothing to retrieve. Merlin always knows otherwise.
    Whatever it is about the compost heap poses a challenge for the pups and that is something I find to be a great PON pleasure.
    I hope the ceremony goes well tomorrow and that the strange orange machine has served its purpose before then.
    Have a lovely day.

  2. Sorry, we're laughin' at the continuing saga of the compost heap!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. "Managed the impossible" indeed, or so you say.
    For Bob and Sophie, it's all in a day's work....don't you realise they're laughing at your efforts to keep them out of the compost heap?
    Sophie in particular with her well-honed digging skills must think you're crazy.
    Big guffaws from me this morning....gotta love them both.

  4. If only we could have bottled Bob and Sophie's focus and determination for the leaders in Washington, it would have ended the furlough much sooner!

  5. Your sweet puppies need something to herd otherwise they will continue to be so adventurous... they are just adorable!!!! Greetings from Southern Italy - Susanne, Daisy and Kiri

  6. That orange machine looks like a caged beast. Perhaps it is an exhibit.
    Sophie and Bob must be tired of all the baths, though one would think they would figure out that digging in compost equals bath time.
    Looking forward to hearing about the Grand Ceremony!

  7. It's the smell that draws them going by my Beagles. Dig, roll, muddy up...the game is the same. Do you need any more shampoo?
    I do hope that orange monstrosity is gone well before the ceremony...unless, perhaps, it is needed as part of the ceremony? Waiting with bated breath.

  8. Ooooh, the compost heap is very very hard to resist!