Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.

A double anniversary. Nine years since we left Scotland. Four years since we arrived at The Rickety Old Farmhouse. It's also six months since the new PON's joined the family. Both dogs and owners have settled in and now feel at home here.

Down to the old widows house by the crossroads. The rains came before she could harvest her field of sunflowers . Now the dull stems are alive with  birds feasting on the seeds.  Larks, linnets and scores and scores of quarrelsome thrushes all working away. For a while Sophie sits and watches and listens , then she's off , bounding into the grass verge in search of a lizard. The two donkeys in the side field wander over, inquisitively, as we walk by. Sophie isn't entirely sure donkeys are good news. She half swallows a growl, turns her head back towards me in that ' have you seen them ? ' way and then picks up her pace. Once we're safely past she looks back and gives them her best glare.

On our way home a detour into the market town for a birthday card. All of them hideous. When did birthday cards start to cost $9 !

Time for worming. We've decided we won't use Drontal Plus again. Both of them had a reaction to it . Maybe it's a breed specific thing. Wilf and Digby were also ill after worming. We'll wander down to the vets this afternoon to see what he suggests as an alternative. We're thinking of Milbemax which some of you have mentioned.


  1. Happy anniversaries. Surely a home made card featuring a photo of Bob and Sophie in front of the ROF would better please both the recipients and your bank manager (if such a species still exists).
    Cheers, Gail

  2. Lots of clinics switching to Milbemax... good luck :)

  3. I agree with Gail/Bertie, I think that picture of Bob with his tongue sticking out would make a great card, but then, with so many great photos of the PON angels how could you choose ?

  4. Lots of milestones to celebrate, and I'm happy for you. Six months already for Bob and Sophie and they look fully grown.
    $9 birthday cards are the height of exploitation. I agree with the others above in that you have such delightful photos to choose from, you could easily make your own card. These days I make phone calls and send e-cards for special occasions.
    Hope the new worming meds work out okay for the "little" angels.

  5. Happy anniversaries--I would have sent you a card if I'd known! :-)

    Hope all goes well for Bob and Sophie.

  6. Happy Anniversary to All!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  7. Joyful anniversary wishes! This calls for champagne, just don't let the Mayor know.
    Bob has an amazing tongue!

  8. $9.00 for a card? I think I'll start a birthday card smuggling ring! :)

  9. $9.00 for a card? Time to consider making them yourselves...with pics of Bob and/or Sophie on the cover. Happy anniversaries.

  10. Happy anniversaries of your moves!
    Would you do it again? Regrets?
    We know no regrets with the PONs;
    sheer delight for dogs and humans alike.

  11. A momentous anniversary indeed. Wishing you all a happy one.
    When Edward and Apple met their first donkey, it was quite a scene.
    Apple was curious, Edward was appalled.
    Much drama ensued.

  12. I say let Bob and Sophie make a card with their pawprints and save the $9!

  13. Congratulations I have enjoyed every blog.....
    Bev & Rupiec :0)