Monday, June 16, 2014

A silent prayer.

A chat with the cheese lady. Do the French eat the rind on their cheese or leave it ? Seems most French eat the rind on Brie and Camembert but leave it on hard cheese. The exception folks who live in the Auvergne.  '' They love to scrape off the rind and have it as a treat ". Bob and Sophie must be Auvergnais.

We go to the fancy cake store. They've made a six foot tall windmill out of white chocolate. The base decorated with brightly coloured sugar flowers. I ask if it's for a wedding. '' No ! Why would you think that ? " replies the lady behind the counter. This marks the end of what could have been a scintillating conversation.  Angus utters a silent prayer of thanks for the fact he tied the PON duo up at the front door. How Sophie might respond to a six foot chocolate windmill the stuff of nightmares.

In the afternoon Sophie terrifies passing pilgrims from behind the laurel hedge. For some reason the pilgrims don't appear to be intimidated. 

Here's a calming Orkney tune for a hot Monday morning :


  1. How could you be intimidated by such a cute face ?
    Such a spoil sport Angus, I would have loved to hear the story of Sophie and the six foot chocolate windmill and of course a video would have been even better. !

  2. Sophie needs to work on her face of intimidation.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  3. If Sophie is trying to look intimidating, she'll have to perhaps take lessons from the fancy-cake baker. --I thought the same as you, Angus. Why else would you have such a grand cake?

  4. Sophie does not look intimidating at all....with her cutie pie face, she is trying to have an air of an orphaned dog begging for scraps through the iron bars.
    I love white chocolate (my favorite), but heavens, if the windmill chocolate monstrosity/ art piece is not for a special occasion, will it just sit there until someone takes pity on the poor thing and purchases it? How much does something like that cost anyway???

  5. Must be to celebrate the Spanish defeat...

  6. Might there be a chocolate Neuschwanstein tomorrow?
    Sophie's sweet face and fluffy paws are more likely to captivate rather than intimidate.
    I guess she also has the answer to the cheese rind question. Eat it if you like the taste. I'd be leery of the rinds of those long aged cheeses, though.

  7. Done worry Sophie, I for one find those big feets and that smile terror inducing.

  8. The chocolate windmill is impressive, but perhaps those skills could be better deployed?

  9. Cute doggies get out of jail free! They just get cuter by the week!