Friday, June 13, 2014

It is easier to get forgiveness than permission.

Bob comes with me for a walk along the top of the ridge while  Sophie heads off with 'the font' for a power walk round the lake. Not a car to be seen. For some reason the cuckoos this year are everywhere. We stop to have a long chat with the Old Farmer. The granite gravestone he had made for his father now securely in place. A little touch of France in a far away place. The Belarussian villagers referred to as his '' new family ". We turn down the kind offer of a pre-breakfast glass of Rasputin Vodka.

The slightly grumpy baker is serving ''front of house " . He talks very quickly, but I think he tells me his wife is expecting. Or, it might be she's in labour. To mark the occasion he's introduced a new chocolate covered ' rice krispie ' addition to his range. We talk about this at length. Or, to be more precise, he talks to me about it at length. He has three day stubble and a peculiar intensity in his eyes. The signs of male pre-natal sleep deprivation.

The special needs centre in the neighbouring village has booked the Salle des Fetes for the day. Bob and Sophie watch in amazement as a festive spirit descends on the village green. There's dancing , karaoke, and races. Any negatives one might feel about France are dispelled by the fact that they know how to look after all their citizens. One staff member for each resident. Everyone's happy  including two Polish Lowland Sheepdogs who quickly become the centre of attention. 

This morning a trip to the vets . 

PS. A quick thank you from both of us for all the responses to yesterdays question about the kennel cough vaccine. The speed with which the answers came and the depths of the insights , testimony to the kindness of bloggers.


  1. Oh dear, I hate to think what the baker will be like during the post-natal phase...

  2. I's agreein wif Bertie - if he are sleep deprived now . . .

  3. SHE has always lived by that quote. When people have the power to say no, they usually do.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  4. Two lovely countryside photos today to start my day...thanks Angus.
    The baker's new chocolate covered rice krispie addition surely isn't the Caroline one is it?
    Kennel cough shots are not required here, since I don't think it's prevalent on the island, but thanks to all your wonderful blog readers/family, you and the Font are armed with great information for the safety of Bob and Sophie.

  5. So happy to hear that the Old Farmer has returned, and mission accomplished. You said the other day that you were about to try calling him, and it sounds as if he got home safely.

    Poor baker. Poor Mme Baker. The tartelette au citron looks quite tasty, however.

  6. How bizarre. I commented, but it disappeared. I was tickled to know the old farmer had returned safely. And was wondering id we knew where you were going once Bob and Sophie were safely ensconced at the kennel.

  7. Happy the old farmer is home safely, having found a new family.

    I briefly wondered if Bob can possibly know how good he has it, but quickly decided that of course he does.