Thursday, June 12, 2014

Don't throw away the old bucket until you know the new one holds water.

Naivete. This dog owner thinks he can sneak in the back door and change out of his suit into PON proof clothing while 'the font' keeps the angelic duo busy at the front door. The angelic duo have other ideas. They ignore the distraction and hurtle up the stairs . 42 kilos of bouncing, squirming,squealing delight. A full eight paw, drool laden, PON welcome. Bob does his soft shoe shuffle.

The old farmer has returned from Belarus . The ancient motor home parked in the drive. He hasn't got round to turning off the Christmas star or the the multi-coloured lights wrapped around his gutters. They shine out brightly through the night. 

Old inhabitants returned, flocks reunited. All is once again well in deepest, deepest France profonde. 


  1. Good news all round then. What's a bit of PON droll on a dark suit after all?

  2. Gotta love that welcome home drool.....that is the best welcome ever!!
    Why do you and the Font believe that you can fool two cuddly and sensitive and loving PONs...perish the thought...dogs are very smart....and further more the suit can be cleaned, but those welcome kisses are priceless.....roll over and take it like a man.
    I am so happy to hear that the Old Farmer is back safe and sound....please say hello from all of us here.

  3. Would like to have such kind neighbours like you are who worry about the old farmer. Greetings from Southern Itlay Susannae, Daisy, Kiri, Dandy, Mickey and Leopoldo

  4. If the old Farmer had a welcome home like you received, I've no doubt he would have returned sooner.