Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The guilt salving sausage.

An emotional reunion. One of those head back and howl with joy moments. Sophie drinks at length from the hosepipe. Ten minutes of rug surfing. Then it's time for a long deep sleep. In between there are guilt salving sausages. 

All is once again well with the world.

Sophie looks ever more curvaceous. Bob looks decidedly svelte.Someone's been 'kibble poaching'.


  1. Oh I was so worried by the title. Guilt saving sausage. In the singular. What relief to learn that there were, in fact, sausages in the plural.
    Toodle pip!
    PS Welcome back!

  2. Absolutely the best news of the day! The moment I read the word "reunion" - I knew all was very very well. Welcome home. You and the PONS have been sorely missed. Now, for a big sigh of relief.

  3. Travel is fun, coming home is a pleasure, coming home to a dog, priceless !

  4. The flock is all present and correct. Welcome home. I imagine you enjoyed a double helping of the greeting we received from Merlin on Sunday, when we returned from our travels. He may need to be on basic rations for a few days, having enjoyed too many of Grandma's roast potatoes last week.
    Have a great day.

  5. YEAH!!!! You're back and all is well in the world again....I am referring to my
    Welcome home!!
    Now I can get my daily fix of Bob and Sophie once's all good.

  6. So happy you're back. I miss the daily updates :)

  7. Glad all is well in deepest France profonde! I hope your trip was an enjoyable and memorable one!! --Did you find a place that served good crab-cakes?

    1. The Severn Inn in Annapolis is as close to crab cakes as we came.

  8. I had lost track of time and only happened to see your Sausages as I was scrolling through other posts. Welcome home! Kibble poaching, huh? I suspect there will be remedial action on the part of Angus and the Font.

  9. Life is back to normal now that the kids are back home! We hope the trip was enjoyable. We missed our daily fix of the Pons.

    Yogi & Mom (in Deepest Ohio) :=)

  10. Welcome home to both people and PONS.
    They don't look the worse for wear, PONS that is. Have you checked them over carefully?

  11. I'm glad all is right in your little corner of the world again! :)

  12. Good that you're back home, and the PONs are back home, and all is well in their world. How we love hearing about their exploits.

  13. Head thrown back and howling? Goodness you really did miss your fluffy friends.

    Welcome home.