Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Flight is a mystery.

Gainly ? Bob ain't. We had hoped the apparently uncoordinated movement of  his legs and paws might have matured into a Borzoi like elegance. They haven't. 

He does however make an excellent guard dog. Bob sits in the courtyard facing the gate alert for any movement. Sophie prefers to sit facing away from the gate watching blackbirds. She can do this ALL day. 

Tomorrow morning, if he's still not back, I'll call the pre-paid mobile phone 'the font' gave the old farmer. This of course assumes 1) he knows how to turn it on and 2) he can hear it over the wind noise in the ancient motor home.

Chesnokov. What amazing harmony :


  1. Fingers crossed that the Old Farmer is OK. And that he also knows which side of the phone to hold to his ear.

  2. He didn't detour through Ukraine, did he?

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  3. Bob and Sophie are so different, but I love them both. There is still time yet for Bob to transform to Borzoi like elegance....but do we really want him to? I like him being an excellent guard dog with his "natural" stance.
    Sophie will probably surprise us all one day after studying the blackbirds so seriously...she'll catch one!!
    I hope the Old Farmer is okay....

  4. They are so cute. Love seeing their different personalities. Thank you for the beautiful music

  5. My Shelties always sat facing opposite directions keeping watch for danger when out in the yard in Alaska, as did the moose who sometimes visited. Sophie may be a guard dog after all.

  6. Bob may yet develop into a suave and Cary Grant-like PON. He's still a teenybopper, after all. Said she, optimistically.

    I, too, send good wishes for the Old Farmer's good health. Like so many others here, I now consider him part of my extended cyber-family.

  7. VirginiaC summed it up perfectly! Would we want our Bob to change? goodness, no! A good guard boy, charismatic, naturally comical, we all
    say we love him just the way he is.

  8. It is not good to travel alone these days!