Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Eau de Bob.

There is a folkloric event outside the church. Children dressed as sailors and men in blue peaked caps. They seem to be selling bread from the back of tricolore festooned carts. We try to buy a baguette but an unsmiling matelot huffily informs us '' we're not ready yet ".  He waves us away. The purpose of this curious exercise in retailing therefore remains a mystery. 

The PON duo play tug-of-war. Whenever Sophie wins, she keeps the tug. Bob accepts this with big brotherly good nature. 

In the evening Bob walks with me to see how the German billionaires new garage is coming along. They've been installing the winch machinery to the lower floors. Bob finds a large pile of sand left by the workmen. He carefully christens it . At this very moment Brunhilda, the billionaires dog, rushes down the chateau drive barking. Eau de Bob clearly not to her liking. She stands at the gates snarling and growling like a thing possessed. Bob is not bothered. Brunhilda finally gets bored and retreats. He gives me his '' what got into her ? " look. 

Off to speak to stern men in dark suits. Here's a calming antidote


  1. The only other place in the world, so far, have I encountered such fine art haughtiness is New York. Stuart worked there for for a few years; he loves it, has a very different view and assures me my tourist experience is unbalanced.
    Here in France Profonde, I have received so much kindness, generosity, support and good grace, but it still ruffles my feathers when someone who is supposed to be providing a service tries to make you feel one inch tall.
    How beautiful that music was. I could have immersed in it for an hours. A balm for my pre-long haul flight nerves.
    See you all soon.

  2. Clearly the young matelot has a glittering career in customer service ahead of him in France, having grasped the basic principles at such a tender age.

  3. Our market serves even when the bread hasn't been unloaded from the van yet. So much better. Hope they had lots left over and made a loss.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  4. The baguettes probably weren't the best anyway....count yourself lucky.
    Brunhilda certainly seems to be earning her keep by menacingly protecting her territory.....but dear Bob wasn't at all perturbed....this whole scene made me smile....thanks for my morning chuckle.
    See you back soon after your meeting with the men in dark suits.

  5. The music was so peaceful. Thank you for sharing. I once made the mistake of going into a chocolate shop in Paris and not adequately greeting the proprietress before ordering. It got icy cold in there in a hurry.

  6. Oh dear, stern men in dark suits, that sounds ominous. Perhaps you should take the PONs with you for moral support?

  7. It does not make for good buisness to be rude to people that are doing you a favor with the bread or other things.

  8. Do you become a stern man in a, dark suit yourself? I just can't imagine. Or are you a Bob, in the face of Brunhildas?

  9. Ah.
    The Rachmaninov made my shoulders relax.
    Thank you, and safe travels.

  10. Just catching up after a long hiatus. Dogs looking great. Love that you earlier referred to Sophie as "curvaceous".

  11. Dark suited and stern. I've just gotten a chill. The thought of happy PONs will help keep your spirits up.