Saturday, September 19, 2015


If a dogs nose can tell you anything about their state of health then Sophie is in good form.

Bob isn't far behind.

No builders today so the PON duo have a quiet day. They clearly miss having morose lads standing in the flower beds smoking Gitanes .

Here in the village life drifts gently along.
Each day The Very Old Farmer is rolled out  to enjoy the early afternoon sun while his lunch is made.
Our search for a replacement cleaning lady moves slowly and unsuccessfully along. The latest applicant wanted a formal contract, paid holidays and health insurance.
The second cinema en plein air was scheduled for tonight but has been rescheduled due to a clash with the Rugby World Cup. A widescreen television has been installed on the village hall stage and a beer tent erected on the petanque court outside.
On Thursday The Old Farmer is due to return from his trip to Belarus.
Last night Sophie found a very large and very prickly hedgehog in the garden. She shoved it with her nose. This is a mistake she will not repeat. Her yelps of fury were 'remarkable' for their intensity and duration.


Coppa's girl said...

Sophie's nose looks as though it has had an application of Cherry Blossom and a very good polish ! Bob's looks as though it's been rooting around in the undergrowth - looking for Furry Fox ?
Oh Sophie, you must know by now not to go sticking your nose in something so prickly, even if it is a good excuse for yet more diva moments !
Good to hear that The Very Old Farmer is still able to enjoy the sunshine. What tales will the Old Farmer have of his trip to Belarus, we wonder ?

WFT Nobby said...

Sophie you really must take better care of that splendid snout!
Toodle pip!
PS from Gail - one of the group I was cycling with in Washington State was a Seattle-based retired English aerospace engineer, who in younger days had worked for Airbus and played rugby for Toulouse. Which made me think of you.

Sheila said...

Have been thinking of the Old Farmer when I see the news of the refugees, wondering if he might
have encountered any of those desperate souls.
Your wisteria is amazing. Must be wrapping itself around the sides of the house by now.

BaileyBobSouthernDog said...

Oh! Oh!!! I have discovered an ancient drawing, on the block, to the left, of Bob's solo picture! In the last picture, Sophie looks as if she is giving consideration to eating the pot plant. May your weekend remain calm.

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

We had the 'nose' experience with an electrified fence. Can just imagine the noise.