Thursday, September 17, 2015

Who are these people and what do they want ?

The builders are at the front gate at seven, the gutter men half an hour later. Miracles do happen. '' I said we'd be back when it was dry " says the senior builder with disarming enthusiasm. 

After a full-on Marie Antoinette moment ( who are these people and what do they want ? ) Sophie retires to the kitchen. She is suffering a rampant hair day. Bob shepherds the morose lads and their ladders across the courtyard. 

Bob also takes the opportunity to cock-a-leg and de-threat the wheelbarrows. Afterwards he looks at me confidently as if to say '' That's shown them. You never know what mischief wheelbarrows can get up to ". 

A watchful eye is kept on the trailer parked on the lane outside the front gate. 

All in all an impressive display of multi-tasking, PON style.

Finally, brother and sister settle on the lawn. Sophie catches up on her beauty sleep. Bob appears to be awake but his head is nodding and there is a suspicion the 'on' switch isn't fully in the 'on' position.

Sometimes humans fail to recognize how busy and full of responsibility a dogs day can be.


Coppa's girl said...

Thank goodness for Bob and his de-threats, we've heard about these errant wheelbarrows before ! Got to keep them in their place.
Glad the builders turned up so early - Bob can keep an eye on the morose lads and Sophie can pinch their lunch when they're not looking. All in all, very good PON teamwork !

Anonymous said...

Life is always full and rich for our favorite PONS. I agree they make a wonderful team!
Bob is always on his A game guarding and protecting, and sis is working her diva side. Ahhhh, can it get any better?

Yogi & Mom

Emm said...

I see what you mean about Sophie's hair, after comparing the first two pictures. She definitely has much more floofy on her topknot. All over, actually.

Kari said...

I love Sophie's hair!

BaileyBobSouthernDog said...

I can only speak as a human, however I do understand the PON's challenge, trying to make humans do what they are suppose(?) to be doing, and where they should be doing it. Hard work indeed! A well deserved nap is certainly in order. Sophie is only keeping up with the latest female hair styles for PON's. You are in France !!!