Friday, September 25, 2015

What's keeping you ?

Seven am. The angelic duo are already waiting for me .

There is some confusion over whether the car is inside or outside. This uncertainty is finally resolved.

After our morning trip to the bakers there is time for a game of tug of war with Furry Fox. 

Tug of war is conducted in near silence. Sophie has learnt that you can't hold Furry Fox in your mouth and bark at the same time. 

What better way to start a day ?


  1. Ouch ! Poor Furry Fox - that looks most painful !
    Lovely photo of the two little darlings, waiting patiently.

  2. I'm thinking, that Furry Fox is impressively resilient.

  3. There often have to be 'games' because humans are sooooooo slow some mornings.

  4. I can see why Polish Lowlands made it on to this list of Least Popular Dog Breeds...
    They need to read your blog... but definitely don't get Pons if you live in an apartment.

  5. Been wondering whether the Old Farmer made it home as scheduled yesterday.

  6. They are so adorable !!! I want to hug each of them!