Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Every morning Bob rearranges the Solar System fridge magnets on the dishwasher door.

This morning he licks Jupiter then nibbles Neptune.

Then he gives the Sun a good swipe with his nose.

The Universe finally in order he settles down for a nap. What must he think he's doing ?

The dog in this advert looks familiar https://www.thegrommet.com/330-pawplunger-portable-dog-paw-cleaner?utm_campaign=20150921&utm_content=2166&utm_medium=email&utm_source=CC&trk_msg=G85I6NICM4F4FAA63UTU6GO7GC&trk_contact=MSLKVL1GU4FPR5GR50O6T5VOVG


  1. Bob is showing the Font that he too is interested in astronomy.

  2. Keeping the Universe in order for another day....that's what he's thinking.

  3. I think Mr Dyson ought to put his mind towards a dog paw drying machine like his wonderful hand dryer fo human hands. Lesley

  4. Maybe Bob is recalling that quote from Albert Einstein (?) that says something like "nothing happens until something moves.” So he's waiting for something to happen...

  5. Perhaps he's just hoping that one morning he'll discover a planet which has magically
    turned into a doggie treat overnight.
    Don't think I've ever owned a dog who would sit quietly while its paws were plunged
    into a coffee mug fitted with bristles.

  6. Bob is a really smart fellow...he knows the universe could use a little rearranging sometimes.
    As for the paw plunger....interesting product and maybe great for car rides but I like washing Brownie's paws out paying special attention to between his toes when they're CAKED in mud.

  7. Bob is arranging the universe so his nap will be smoother. No bumps, tilts, sways, etc. ...

  8. We think he knows something we don't ....and he's not letting on !
    The paw cleaner has the look of a TV April fool. Can't imagine our two sitting still and having their paws washed in such a manner - where's the fun, if you can't swamp the floor, everything and everybody around ?

  9. I've said it before and I'll say it again. You need alphabet magnets, so he can tell you what he's thinking.