Monday, September 28, 2015


Another sunny morning. Despite having been up late watching the lunar eclipse Sophie is raring to get started. 

There is a man with one of those over sized chess boards outside the church. What he's doing there so early in the morning a mystery. We would have stopped to talk to him but Bob is eyeing up the chess pieces as if they need de-threating. This is perhaps not the best way to break the ice. We head off to the bakers.

The Tunisian clothes sellers make an appearance in the market. They only seem to sell ladies trousers and tops in one design but in a variety of different colours. There is something slightly ghoulish about their severed legs display.

Through it all Bob remains, irredeemably, Bob. 

The Old Farmer, having returned from visiting his fathers grave in Belarus, has replenished and repaired the venerable motor home. He now plans to drive to San Sebastian in Spain. '' The weathers too good to be stuck around the house " he informs us. We watch him load the US Army surplus trailer with four cases of wine and enough sausage to fed a dozen. He plans to take his two cats with him for company. Proof that good cheer gets you through anything - no matter what your age.


  1. I suspect the Old Farmer is too busy having fun on his journeys to write a travel diary. A shame - it could be a best seller!

  2. Have to wonder how the Old Farmer and his lady friend managed in that
    small motorhome on such a journey.

  3. I wish I had half the Old Farmers energy!

  4. Somebody should tell the Old Farmer that cats don't travel well.

    1. Or, if they escape from the venerable motor home at a rest stop, they may travel too well.

  5. Good to know that we can always rely on Bob being Bob. It means all's well with the world, and the Old farmer can go off to San Sebastian with an easy conscience (and a venerable motor home with tyres suitably de-threated by Bob?).

  6. The old farmer sounds like the French version of my Dad - he's 80 and still going strong; loves to travel, and is barely back from one long trip before setting out on another! Still hiking and climbing all over the US in some pretty rough terrain (probably doesn't hurt that his second wife and traveling companion is about 24 years younger than he is, lol).

  7. The Old Farmer has the right philosophy. Hope Bob didn't de-threaten those legs....

  8. Gotta love The Old Farmer...planning for his trip the right way....have drinks, will travels to him.

  9. The Old Farmer's travels remind me this morning about the family that drove from Argentina to Philadelphia to see the Pope -- Six months in a VW bus, with 4 kids. A trip with two cats seems reasonable to me! --The Pope said they "were crazy." I believe the Pope is correct!