Thursday, September 3, 2015

The lure of rice cakes.

The dogs have never been given the option of climbing on the furniture. As a result they never have. 

This morning 'The Font ' is surprised to find the female PON standing on the sideboard in the downstairs hallway. She's happily finishing off a pack of rice cakes that had been carefully put out of her reach.

From the scratch marks we deduce that the little angel has climbed on a chair then clambered from the chair onto the sideboard. A 'diva' moment follows when Sophie recognizes how high off the ground she is. 

'The Font' will call a French polisher later this morning.

Sophie is told off. She feigns complete innocence. That well rehearsed ' I cannot tell a lie; it was my brother ' look.

We go to the supermarket. Angus wants to buy a case of this unusually named wine. He thinks it would be a sure fire ice breaker. 'The Font' mutters something about adolescent humour.


  1. It's All Your Fault! You clearly Ahaven't been feeding her enough, and unless there is fillet steak and croissant wings, the Royal Society for the Protection of PONS will be contacted! Shame about the scratches, but they look remediable to me. What was Bob's response? After all, he was missing out?

  2. I couldn't help but laugh at the Diva moment!

  3. Sophie's such a clever girl! Turns out there is adolescent humour here, too.

  4. I love rice cakes too, and whatever it takes I will have them....Sophie you're my girl.....your pal Brownie.
    Angus me thinks you should try a bottle of that wine label, if it's any good then get a case and give away as (gag) gifts.
    Maybe the Mayor would enjoy a bottle.
    So glad that you're all okay after the could have been much worse.

  5. I guess the secret is out, that *sometimes* the French do have a sense of humor!

  6. There's always room for a little adolescent humour. Keeps you young!
    Oh dear, I have a dresser that has endured similar attention. PON Deco.

  7. I'd buy a case too....just for the daily chuckle if anything. Poor Sophie....clearly she's starving.

  8. Is the sideboard the piece of furniture with the lamps on it? Could have been a disaster. As for Wine d'Arse, can't wait for your review.

    -A great fan of adolescent humor...

  9. Oh Sophie. If you are going to continue these escapades, please do them when the other members of your pack are asleep, and don't leave evidence!!!!

  10. What a mess you've made Sophie - and shame on you for blaming it all on Bob - as if he'd do such a thing. No pocket money for you for a while young lady ! We do hope there is no lasting damage, and the scratches will come out.
    The wine is definitely going to be a talking point, but will the French view it with the same adolescent humour that we do ?

  11. The "female" PON? You are angry, aren,t you!
    Buy the wine, Angus, and do be sure to serve it, label prominently displayed, to particularly annoying house guests.

  12. Did Sophie eat the wrappings, too? I am beginning to think she may be part husky -- that's the sort of thing my late, lamented Siberian did.