Thursday, January 12, 2017

A rediscovered persona.

In the supermarket plastic domes are stacked in a pile by the vegetable counter. Closer inspection shows them to be little pots of germinating mushrooms in compost.

'The Font' thinks that Bobs eye is improving. Angus hasn't seen him blink but there again under that fur who would ? The drooling is now much better and the tilting of the head almost completely gone. We have however heard on the grapevine that the kennel owners closed for good at Christmas.

This morning Sophie is trying out her angelic ' I'm an orphan dog that has never been fed ' look. You can be sure that this persona will be used frequently when she is once again allowed out on early morning trips to the cafe.

The diva is also demonstrating her extreme boredom by waking at five thirty and singing. Her family will be every bit as glad as she will be when the all clear comes.

The computer company's after sales service continues to entertain the occupants of The Rickety Old Farmhouse . A gentleman from Bangalore phones to say how happy he is that everything is now fine and would we be interested in purchasing a new computer. '' The Font '' points out that 1) everything is not fine 2) the computer is only six months old and 3) it is in pieces with a high probability that all the data has been wiped off. In conjunction these facts hardly act an advert for buying another of their products. The somewhat surprised gentleman in Bangalore promises to have a supervisor look into things and quickly rings off. The response was clearly not something that appeared on his teleprompter screen.


  1. We knew that Bob would improve as soon as Sophie was recovering ! His eye will blink as soon as he's had a good savaging from his sister - in fact it will probably be tightly shut in terror !
    At that time in the morning you might just as well give in, and sing along with Sophie.

  2. Bertie and I totally trust in the Font's judgement in all areas, and are delighted to read of Bob's continuing improvement. Perhaps Sophie is calculating how many slivers of croissant she has missed over the past few months, and expecting to be recompensed in full on her next trip to town?
    Cheers! Gail.

  3. Oh my gosh me thinks the computer may continue to stay in pieces for some time.

    It is a shame about the kennel closing, we hope there is another alternative.

  4. It sounds like you're being "entertained" in the horror-show sense. Do you think they'll call back?

  5. The best of news that Bob's health is improving, not so much that Sophie is singing at 5 in the morning!

  6. Uh-oh! If "everything was now fine", why would you want or need to buy a new computer? I'm afraid that they pronounced the Font's computer dead but no one has had the guts to do the informing to anyone at the ROF. Oh I hope there is backup...
    The PONs look really good to me. As for Bob's eye? I STILL believe!
    Pam from NH

    1. 4 hours have been spent today on backup. Where are the youngsters when you need them ?

  7. When Bob can run and use his vision to observe and track his sister, perhaps that stimulation to the eye will encourage his blink. Praying our hardest it will.

  8. Sophie has perfected the hungry waif look. And now she’s taken up singing. What a little character!
    Every bit of improvement for Bob is a cause for rejoicing.
    The germinating mushrooms are most interesting.
    A late note of appreciation for the Helen Macdonald article you shared earlier this week.

  9. Oh Angus, do you think they could have been hurt at the kennels? That would be horrible. If so then I am very glad the kennels have closed down.

  10. No need to worry about the kennels. It was almost a year ago since they ere last in and they are pampered when there. Sophie's problems relate to chasing the errant deer that come into the orchard.

  11. Sorry about your computer issues - and we are glad Bob is doing better!

    Monty, Harlow, and Ramble