Saturday, January 28, 2017


The clothes drier gives up the ghost. The stress of dealing with the mountain of towels generated by the PONs beyond its manufacturing tolerances. Off to the market town to buy a replacement. The teenage sales lady is keen to sell me something connected to the 'internet of things'. Angus is wary of the internet of things. She smiles patiently and informs him that her father has difficulty with technology too. ' He's forty nine ' she says as if describing Methuselah.

Sophie gets walked all the way round the village. We follow the track of the old walls - slowly. In fact very slowly. There are six months of missed scents to be caught up on. What should take ten minutes takes an hour.

Sophie rediscovers the lady like art of digging for moles in fields.

Bobs coat - which has been dry and wiry - is once again as soft as silk. Amazing what a recuperating sister can do for a brothers inner karma.

A man from the bank phones to say they're reducing the interest rate on deposit accounts from 0.25% to 0.05%. Technically this is known as reducing them from almost nothing to nothing.

The telco repairman shows up - unannounced -  with a new connection box. He installs it and says there will be a $40 credit applied to next months bill as recompense for the inconvenience. The phone line to the computer now works - slowly - but constantly .

Here's something to warm up a Saturday morning.


  1. Well of course a girl won't be hurried if there are six months of missed scents. Who knows what might have infiltrated into her village whilst she's been out of action? Good to know that Bob is continuing to improve - he's caused us as much concern as his little sister.

  2. There is a whole scientific paper to be written on the impact of Sophie's infirmity on a sensitive PON brother, you know.
    Toodle pip!

  3. Why would a dryer need to be connected to the IoT? Is there an app that moves clothes from the washer to the dryer with no human intervention?

    1. Better still, is there an app that irons them, folds them, and puts them away?

  4. I'm 49. I like to think that I have a somewhat relatively good grip on today's technology. But maybe not! :)

  5. Sophie must be in Heaven! Our new washer and dryer plays music like an ice cream truck when it's done.. really annoying

  6. While both PONS have dealt with critical health issues, half a year has gone. From this perspective, how quickly it passed.
    Not unrelated, I wouldn’t mind a bit being 49 again.

  7. It's amazing what stress can do to the body, both human and canine.
    We're thrilled for both Bob and Sophie.
    Given the state of things here, I suppose I can look forward to dry hair myself.

  8. So happy the pups are on the mend. That chicken dance was amusing. Cheers from foggy, cloudy Port Alberni, Vancouver Island where we are dog sitting a 18 month small doggy.

  9. Having lived through the 60s when everyone over 30 was viewed with suspicion and should be 'put down'. I can chuckle at the remark. Good thing our ideas didn't catch on!

    Let's hope 2017 and beyond are HEALTHY years!

  10. Oh My Goodness! 49! That is ancient!! I have to be very careful at school as two of my colleagues weren't born when I started teaching. And I feel even more ancient when the child of one of my former students is now with me at school.... is it time to retire and enjoy the grandkids and granddogs?

  11. There is s a wonderful book about how scent is so important to a dogs communication. Sophie is just catching up all the village "news".
    I went to the store to purchase a new electric kettle and saw WiFi enabled crock pot slow cookers! Can you imagine ?