Saturday, January 7, 2017

So what !

'The Fonts' desktop goes wrong. The second time its broken down in less than a year. After a series of calls to the after sales helpline a technician arrives. He's due here at noon but shows up at three and spends four hours taking the machine apart. He appears in the kitchen saying it's too complex for him to put together again. He goes. Nothing more is heard. After another series of calls the helpline says someone will be there to pick it up in the next twelve days. '' Working days " adds the gentleman in Bangalore lest I foolishly think he means twelve calendar days.

In the little market town they're disassembling the stylized Christmas tree. There are three council trucks , a crane and no less than eight workmen. The process of disassembling is leisurely. Bob has enjoyed christening the tree during its festive presence. He will be sad to see it go.

The unemployed gentleman who opens the door in the market hall in return for a 'gratuity' has reappeared. Two affable and lively dogs have joined him. His last two dogs were killed in a freak electrical fire and he was hospitalized. While their master goes inside to get a bag of scraps from the butchers the dogs sit waiting patiently. When he returns they become bundles of tail wagging joy. They share the scraps of meat straight from the plastic bag. Perhaps life as a companion of a ' carefree ' human has its advantages.

A few more shoppers appear in the greengrocers.

I open the door to the side garden to let Sophie out. At that very moment a cat leaps onto the garden wall. Sophie chases after it. What a turn of speed she displays !  Life with a dog recovering from leg surgery requires constant alertness. She looks at me as if to say '' So what ! ".

Bob sits in the back of the car and notices that two deer have leapt over the fence and have started to eat the Japanese Acers in the orchard.

A record of those little things too unimportant to be recorded in a diary but which, at the time, make life - life.


  1. One could never, ever, say that life at the ROF is dull !
    That stylized Christmas tree looks none the worse for Bob's "ministrations", and hopefully Sophie's legs have suffered no ill effects from her little "break out".

  2. Shown kindness and affection, dogs seem quite willing to journey along with us, whatever the situation.
    Much sympathy to The Font (and you) regarding the desktop predicament.
    Bob and Sophie know that they must always be vigilant with pillaging deer and impertinent cats ready to strike.

  3. Something tells me Sophie's surgery will be considered a major success in spite of her rather large set back.

  4. Clearly not a thing wrong with Monsieur Bobs eyesight watching the pillaging deed from the automobile. Just imagine how agile Mlle Sophie will be when she has the medical clearance. Mlle Sophie will be making up for lost time in an enforced ambulatory condition. Look out world.

  5. Fingers crossed Sophie's chase with the cat didn't hurt anything.
    (But, I guess a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!) And, she is ready to get going again.

  6. I've probably said before, that I rate computer problems right up there with car troubles! I hope that somehow it's resolved sooner rather than later!

    I hope Sophie is none the worse for wear - Thanks for your thoughts about Max. I think you may be right. He's barely eaten today. However he's drinking, so I'm not too worried, yet.