Friday, January 13, 2017

Not hurried.

Off to the supermarket. Bob takes up his resident guardian spot in the back of the 'Loonj'. The dog car is now reaching the stage where white PON hairs are permanently entwined into the boot carpet.

The supermarkets festive taxidermy display has been taken down. The tableaux of stuffed wildlife eating other stuffed wildlife consigned to a store room. The Japanese ladies on the Sushi counter have returned. Where they go to in December and the early part of January a mystery.

The cakes on display in the bakers clearly indicating that the locals are still working off the excesses of the Christmas season.

A major milestone on the road to recovery. Sophie gets walked onto the village green. Her harness attached to a lead in case she gets any ideas of chasing a cat or a white van. We go a hundred yards there and a hundred yards back. Sophie has a lot of sniffing to do. The two hundred yards round trip takes the better part of half an hour. She will not be hurried.

When all this is over the diva, and her brother, are going to get a buzz cut and a major bath.


  1. Oh well - Sophie, for every upside there's sometimes a downside, in this case it's the dreaded
    B-A-T-H. Just think how gloriously sleek you'll look afterwards - every inch (centimetre?) the Diva you truly are. It will be some consolation that Bob's getting one too !

  2. Do they deliberately design the mats in cars to be dog-hair magnets?
    Great to see Sophie out and about in the village.

  3. The first thing any diva wants after recuperation is a new 'do.

  4. Sophie! Congrats on achieving this milestone in your recovery!

  5. Keep going, Soph! Another best day.

    Hot Cross Buns have already been showing up in our supermarkets.

  6. I'm so happy for Sophie! It's been a long haul. She's an amazing dog for sure.

  7. Just stumbled on these. Too good not to share.
    Puppies like it when you talk baby talk to them:
    And your dog wants you to speak Italian:

  8. A very big day for Sophie~
    and I’ll have a Tarte Trop├ęzienne, please.

  9. Yay for Sophie. Those first little walks are soooo nice.