Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Duck burgers.

Sophie now getting three walks a day on the village green.

Today she pounces on a mole hill and eats a pile of recently excavated clay.

Mares milk in the greengrocers refrigerated cabinet. Who drinks mares milk ? Angus is thankful that he actually read the labels rather than pick up the first bottle that came to hand.

Bob is transfixed by the sausage counter. He goes very quiet. As in '' I has died and gone to heaven " quiet. The lady behind the counter gives him a tiny sample. He squirms with delight.

On our way back to the car dog and master notice that there's a new addition to the town scape. A duck fast food restaurant.

Duck burgers, Duck Club Sandwich and Duck Hot Dog among the culinary delights on offer. Angus reads out aloud the various options to his furry companion. Passers by glance nervously in our direction . Satisfied that I'm just a harmless foreigner talking to his dog they hurry along. As we head off Bob casts a longing glance back towards duck heaven. Maybe next time we'll pop in and try a Hot-Dog New Yorkais ?


  1. We think duck burgers sound better than the Rat burgers of Russia.

  2. Does the use of 'duck' rather than 'canard' on the menu imply that the place is targeting foreign custom, or is it considered 'trendy' by some of the locals?
    Bertie and I are both find the sausage counter more appealing anyway.
    Cheers! Gail.

  3. I've also seen lait d'ânesse (donkey milk). If you eat the meat, why not drink the milk? (Horse is more common in France than donkey, which usually is just in saucisson or cured like ham and served with raclette.)
    My husband would react to the duck restaurant the way Bob did at the charcuterie counter. Faladuck? Taco Duck? I don't know whether to laugh or cry. However, it's the first restaurant I've seen that promises a salad with crisp vegetables and not with bits of foie gras or slices of magret de canard.

  4. Oh dear, and we've all been brainwashed to believe that the French have exquisite palates and that French food is the best in the world? It will be interesting to have your considered opinions when you and Bob pluck up the courage to eat there. Somehow I can't see it being 'The Font's' style, but better remember to have a take away for Sophie.
    I never drink milk, so will step back from that debate !

  5. Sophie getting three walks a day, and pouncing on mole hills. Bob having a taste of sausage, and discovering Duckville. Sounds like one of the best days ever!

  6. You have interesting culinary choices where you live. I would stick to the bakery we think.

  7. Mares milk can be used for infants and children with milk allergies. Supposedly it can be used successfully when one is allergic to all other milks. How do you milk horses? Not like cows, you know.

  8. I would never get Leah past a Duck Shop...she will do handstands for Duck of any knid

  9. Well, I couldn't dine at McDuck Burgers. I would have trouble looking my 4 pet ducks in the eye. (They can be very judge-y!) No to the mare's milk as well, but almost anything in your bakery visits would do very nicely! Oh, and your Christmas cakes looked gorgeous! YUM.
    Pam in NH

  10. Any day that includes eating clay must rate near the top of the scale.