Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Undreamt of places.

Only two weeks to go before the next X-ray. For Sophie it can't come soon enough.

Bob is slightly drooly and a little lopsided but is otherwise the epitome of happiness.

Christmas trees still up in the the little market towns parish church. 'The Font' thinks its unusual to see a Christmas tree inside a church. This sparks a conversation which shows that neither of us know whether their presence is unusual, or not.

A pleasant development when a computer repairman phones at lunchtime to say " I'll be with you at four ". He arrives at five thirty. He's surprised to discover that the computer is in pieces. '' Did you do this ? I can't do anything if you've tried to repair it yourself ". 'The Font' explains the disassembling was done by a previous ''repairman'. He seems less than happy to hear this. Perhaps he thought he'd be home by six. 

The man whistles while he works. Or, to be more precise he whistles while he sits and looks at the computers innards. Whistling is not something that PONs feel they can ignore. They howl. At six thirty the whistling repairman announces that he'll need to go and get  part. '' They must have left it out in the manufacturing process '' he adds. This is the sort of stilted language that indicates he's been looking for a water tight excuse to leave.

When you call a French after sales number you begin a journey that will take you to places undreamt of.


  1. Lopsided, drooly, or not, if Bob is the epitome of happiness, then all is right in the world. Well, it would be, if 'The Font's' computer could be made better too.....

  2. "The Font" is living my worst nightmare. Good luck!

  3. I am in love with the bob photos. Maybe a little bit in love with lopsided Bob. Please give him a pat from me.

  4. Sophie's x-ray certainly can't come soon soon enough, poor girl. Imagine such a prolonged confinement. The thought alone is nightmarish. Do you think there will be lasting personality changes after her ordeal?

    1. None whatsoever. Sophie has taken to her confinement as well as can be expected. If this had happened to Bob I dread to think what he'd be like.

  5. Best bite the bullet and spring for a new computer. This time get an air tight complete replacement warranty.
    Christmas trees are normal in most Protestant churches in the US.
    The Baptist and Presbyterian churches they go up before Christmas Eve and are down right after Christmas.
    In the Lutheran church they go up at Advent and stay through Epiphany.
    I can't say that's true for all churches everywhere in the US, but that been my observation of the churches I've attended in NC, TN and FL.
    Glad to hear the Pons are improving and we hope Sophie and Bob are soon back to normal.
    Pam, keeper of Bonnie and Kenzie

  6. Unfortunately, there will probably be more blogging fodder before the computer is repaired.

  7. Grrrrr-mum typed in part of our commet and then the computer ate it!!!!! She said she can empathize with you!!! Since we have moved here she has been using the wifi for the complex and for some reason she was unable to connect for 2 days --she has called for satellite tv installation but we are not sure if we are facing right direction -- so hopefully we will be able to keep blogging -- mum and I LUV your blog -- first thing we turn to every day.

    ttfn and toodle pip

    Cookie (still without kitty sistahs, bol)

  8. We attended Christmas Eve mass in a cathedral in Orlando where there were two fully dressed Christmas trees. Not sure if this helps the discussion!