Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Green light.

While Bob and 'The Font' go for a power walk round the lake Angus and Sophie go for a gentle saunter on the village green. Sophie isn't so much interested in a gentle saunter as a high speed mole hunt. This afternoon she returns to the hospital for what we hope is the all clear on the surgery and the return to a normal routine.

Home for breakfast.

Bob gets a walk to the Holy Well and the Sacred Oak. Something about the light this morning that makes the grass very green.

Time to dig for small furry things in the high banks on either side of the lane. The small furry things once again outsmart the male PON. The squeaks of delight might give them pre-warning.

On the blackboard in the cafe lunch is advertised. Plat + Desert + KF for E11. Two old beret wearing gentleman demand to know what a 'KF' is. The young, new and social media savvy barman informs them that it's coffee. The old gentlemen look blankly at him. The barman spells out Kah Fay phonetically. They still look blankly at him. '' It's how you tweet the word coffee". The gulf in understanding widens. Time moves slowly, if at all, in deepest, deepest France profonde.

Another sign I've become my father. It took all of three minutes to work out what a 'home school shooter' is.


  1. "The squeak of delight", I can almost hear it! And we're hoping to all be squeaking with delight when Sophie is given the All Clear. Do let us know ASAP - I don't think I can cope with 24 hours of suspense. Thinking positive thoughts for you all.

  2. Fingers and paws crossed for a green light later today.
    One fears the barman might not understand his core customer base?

  3. Good luck for the all clear this afternoon. We hope it's an end to all those journeys up and down to Toulouse, apart from pleasurable ones.
    The new barman is obviously trying to appeal to a much younger, trendier, age group - those not, presumably, wearing berets or collecting a pension !

  4. I'll bet it didn't take you as long to work out what 'alternative facts' are...

  5. Thank you for clueing us in on KF. Although F is pronounced "eff" and not "fay," so the twitterati have some work to do.
    Another one I used to see (pre-Twitter): K7. Kay-seven??? No, kah-sept or cassette. Of course those are mostly on the dust heap of history.

  6. Love the "Home for breakfast" picture! Is that an urn on the high bank behind Bob? We have already planned our dance party, when you give us the green light for Sophie!!!

  7. Hoping, probably as much as Sophie, that it is the all clear!

  8. Fingers, toes and paws crossed Ms Sophie gets a "Green Light" at the Vet's