Saturday, January 14, 2017

Good manners.

And so a new routine develops. Everything else stops in The Rickety Old Farmhouse while Sophie gets walked on the village green. To make this mornings walk even more exciting the weather has turned cold. A sudden hail shower sweeps across the valley and coats dog and master in ice. We shelter under the little Lime tree. Real PON weather. Sophie is in seventh heaven. Her master not so much.

The family diva's let off the lead at the gate and walks sure footedly across the courtyard to her water bowl. For the first time in five months we see Sophie and her brother in play mode. Heads down, front paws stretched out, rumps and tails sticking in the air. 

A day for checking that all the outside taps are lagged. Sub sub zero temperatures due here on Monday. There might even be a few snow showers. The little stream slowly turning into a little river with all the rain. Its moment of glory will come later in the year when the snow in the high mountains starts to melt and for a few brief weeks it turns into a roaring torrent.

In the supermarket a sign telling shoppers to smile has appeared at the automatic check out desk.

Another one informs us that everything goes better with a little civility. I've seen these signs in the UK and the US but these admonitions to basic good manners are the first I've seen in France. You'd have thought they'd go up at a manned check out desk.


  1. So pleased to hear that 'play mode' has been restored. It has been a long five months.
    Customer service skills lacking here when I visited 'Vision Express' yesterday. The technician, sitting at her computer with her back to me, first failed to find my file and then, having located it, asked if I wore glasses. To which I replied that if she turned round and looked at me she wouldn't need to ask...
    PS Finally we have a sprinkling of snow here in Aberdeen.

  2. How good it is to see brother and sister together again, and know that they are well on the road to recovery. From the comments you've made about the attitude of "sales persons" you've had dealings with, shouldn't they be the ones encouraged to smile? Perhaps the automatic check out desk will only work when you smile at it ! Surely the French aren't really that rude?

  3. I am so HAPPY to see Sophie on her feet and regaining strength and sure footed-ness.
    Prayers have been answered.
    She must be over the moon at being able to play with Bob again.
    Please give her a hug and a tummy rub from me and Brownie.

  4. Gail, I recommend Straines. I left J&L for such rudeness.

    The first one is, of course, a play on words on the signs one sees at level crossing in France "Un train peut en cacher un autre" (although I always thought the "en" and "un autre" were tautologist.

    Coppa's girl, you really need to see a French automatic check out. You have not one, not two, but three gates to go through, and the last one, to get out, is staffed!

    Angus, my DH and I read your blog daily and we have been so worried about both Bob and Sophie. Sadly, we now have to worry about our own bobtail, who is going for an MRI on Monday, and we fear the worst....Thank goodness for pet insurance

  5. It's so good to see Sophie out and about. She had a lot of people rooting for her.

  6. What fantastic news for Miss Sophie! Just look at her! :)

  7. Perhaps arguments have arisen at the automatic tellers....

    First time in five mode....sigh!

  8. I like the signs, we could use them here and don't think that Sophie needs to be reminded to be happy!

    And this is the first time I've gotten the chance to comment, but a happy, happy belated 4th birthday to both Bob and Sophie! I have always felt that Bob and Sophie are lucky to have you and 'the font' as their forever family. Sophie has been through so much with her surgeries, etc., and she's so lucky to have patient, kind and caring owners who would and do anything for her, and Bob too!