Monday, January 2, 2017

The benefactor.

Early morning chaos. Bob is let out of the front door. Sophie has her harness put on. She complains loudly about the injustice of her brother being allowed out before her. The family diva then turns on her back and kicks her legs in the air. This is the cue for a tickle. 

Finally, we're done and Sophie's harness is in place. The PONs look at me wondering why the morning routine has taken so long.

Bob and Angus go to the cafe by the market hall. Although it's approaching seven there are a group of gentlemen at the bar who haven't yet finished their New Year celebrations. Stop outs from last nights rugby club dinner. Angus is given his coffee - gratis. I shake the waiters hand and wish him Meilleur Voeux. A gentleman in a green bow tie wanders over and gives Bob not one but three small cocktail sausages.  Bob, who tends to view strangers with a wariness bordering on aloofness is greatly taken with the cocktail sausages. The donor is rewarded with a lick . At the door Bob turns to his benefactor with a look that says ' I'll be back tomorrow '. As far as the male PON is concerned January 2nd is the best day ever.

This morning the deer not even bothering to hide. Groups of half a dozen in all the fields.


  1. THREE cocktail sausages! Now, er, what was the address of that cafe?
    Toodle pip!

  2. You'll have to ask Bob to save you one Bertie, otherwise by the time you get there he will have eaten them all !
    Tomorrow Bob will make straight for the café , no deviations, no de-threatening of obstacles along the way !Good to know that Sophie is in fine voice.

  3. Happy new year and good health for all in 2017

  4. Sausages! That's a friendship to cultivate.

  5. Lucky Bob! Does Sophie ever smell the treats on Bob when they meet again? I can't imagine she would take it well if she thought she'd missed out!

  6. Bob is now absolutely sure this will be the best year ever.

  7. The gentleman in the red beret seems to have a favorite seat in the café; I recall him from a picture earlier this month.
    And sausages deluxe! The year is off to a very promising start.

    1. He's a regular although I've never seen him order anything. Perhaps he spends an hour or so in the cafe because its warm ? That sort of accepted community eccentricity still goes happens in France.

  8. Make that last month (even last year).

  9. Wish our land would look like the last picture! We have had yet another winter storm blast over to us, courtesy of Colorado.